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Your Vents, Tuesday, Nov. 20

* Why are young people with babies living in the senior citizen building in Kanawha City? I think whoever runs it should come up here and see what's living here now and investigate it.

* I don't like snotty, snobby churches.

* People, not states, should secede from the union.  

* Charleston needs to use some of their new police cars to catch state, city and county cars speeding.

* Now the WVU coach thinks he is still at Oklahoma State so he makes our players wear grey. What next?

* I bet Jill Kelley is damn sorry she ever complained about getting any negative emails.

* Please tell me how you know where Kerry and Rockefeller invest their money. Have you seen their tax returns? It seems to gall everyone Romney was rich (self-made) but these other billionaires have never been. Could it be they're Democrats, which are never questioned about anything? Watch and see if Obama doesn't get out of the Libya mess (because he's a Democrat) the poor general will be the scapegoat. Just watch and see.

* Nixon had to resign over less than what's going on in D.C. today. We'll never know the answers - just more fraud and have four long years to go.

* So Romney is honest and has morals and the current president doesn't. How do you know this? Just because you believe something doesn't mean it is true. It only means you believe it.

* It isn't anyone's business who one chooses to have for a partner as it isn't anyone's business regarding your beliefs. I wish people would quit cramming their religious views on others and mind their own business.

* So much for the swinging to the right or left - it is time that we all swing to the center and do what is right for we the people.

* Rednecks, racists, and other conservatives signing petitions in several states to secede from the United States again calls attention to just how stupid some of them are.

* President Obama now owns this economy, these wars, and this country's problems. The campaign is over, what he inherited from President Bush is irrelevant, and it is time to stand and deliver.

* The Occupy Wall Street movement is volunteering to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Not a surprise, as liberal groups really care about America and Americans. What is the tea party doing to help Americans?

* I hope that was not a West Virginian that used the word "hillbilly" in a derogatory manner in the Vent Line. If you don't like living among the kind, soft-hearted, helpful and generous people of this great state, then get out.

* I'm very surprised by the money spent by the rich Republicans. Just look what that money could have done for the poor and unfortunate among us.

* I would like to know who to contact about these diabetic supply companies calling you 10 times a day. This is very aggravating and hard for an elderly person to have to keep answering the phone. When you tell them to take your name off of the list and hang up, they just call back.

* Individuals who each year ask their co-workers as a group to participate as a group in Secret Santa would receive more support if they simply listed the office name as the donor instead of listing their own name year after year.


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