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Your Vents, Friday, Nov. 23

* When I went to get my driver's license I had to make two or three trips to get extra ID. There were several people in line with me who couldn't even speak English and weren't even citizens and didn't seem to have the trouble I did. I've lived in the United States all my life. It just seems unfair.

* Some of the food stamp cards and credit cards aren't working at some stores in Kanawha City. What is happening?

* Regarding the elderly, the term "seniors" is an offensive term. We elderly know who we are and that we are dependent on other people in ways that we would rather not be. We have difficulty bending over and picking up pets. Maybe we could have someone come in and pick up and maybe do the dishes once a week.

* Here comes Benghazi-gate. But remember, you can't know all of it until the investigation is over.

* For the person who asked how he was going to deer hunt because Obama was going to take his guns: I've heard that for 50 years - every time a Republican loses an election and I still have all 15 of my guns.

* Obama is the worst U.S. president in our history and I doubt we will survive the next four years.

* Jorea Marple gave her all, but in state government those who do the least are the most-liked.

* Manchin's whole regime is based on lies.

* If you want dental care, get off welfare, get a job and pay for it like the rest of us have to do.

* If anyone could make a Republican out of me it would be Joe Manchin. I'm so sick of hearing about him I could scream. I'm in my 80s.  

* Obama should focus on cutting welfare deadbeats to get a surplus of money, not the people on Medicare.

* Why doesn't Romney get over this? He is a poor loser and it is only the second time. John McCain is flapping his gums and he never won. They both need to crawl back in their shells and shut up.

* Start wearing your pants up on your butts. You are well overdue for a change. It is so ridiculous.

* Making vehicles run on natural gas isn't new. The water company did this years ago and they also used propane. It is no big deal.

* The election is over. It may not have gone the way some of us would have wanted, but it is time to work together for our country. Compromise is a word that sometimes chokes us, but sometimes we have to compromise.

* A quote from Ken Whitten: "The election is behind us, the great commission is before us and the Holy Spirit is still in us and Jesus is coming for us. That's hope." Please print this correctly because it was misquoted before in the paper.

* W.Va. Tech is 6 and 1 on the basketball team. Where is the recognition? That is the only team that is doing anything.

* Gas was $3.29 in Parkersburg and $3.59 in the Kanawha Valley at the same time.

* My insurance did go up, so Obama lied. He is a habitual liar.

* Take a good look at those Putnam County officials on the front page of the Charleston Daily Mail. That county taxes people at the maximum rate on excess levies and bonds. They tax at the highest rate allowed by law. Just think of that.

* No state can legally secede from the union except Texas.


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