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Your vents for Monday, November 26

  • When I worked in the food lines, I had to wear a hairnet and gloves. Why didn't Jorea Marple have to when she was at the schools dishing out food?

  • Losing the election didn't tell Romney a thing, did it? Did he get the message that the American people are tired of the "gifts" we've been giving the wealthy for 10 years?  He is still a screwball.
  • CAMC is discriminating against people who have Humana when they accept PEIA with Humana and leave the rest of us out in the cold. They need to reconsider their contract.
  • The racial scene got hot when the House Republicans wanted to make Obama a one-term president. Of course, that didn't work with the American people.
  • I think Holgorsen is doing great and needs another million-dollar raise. You can't treat people the way they treated Bill Stewart and prosper. I hope he loses all of his games.
  • Hillary Clinton asked for $300 million from Congress to beef up the security at our embassies. The Republicans voted it down. Now the Republicans keep talking about the security at Benghazi. Republicans do whatever is expedient for themselves, not the country.
  • The secular, liberal, progressive socialists are very much aware that a strong Christian presence is the strongest deterrent to them so they must suppress their presence and hasten the decline of a once proud nation.
  • The new downtown streetlights that are grey-white and antiseptic-looking make the downtown look horrible. Please have people look at other lights that make the place look rich and warm.
  • Some managers in the Kanawha County school system think they can dictate what friends employees have on their off hours. It is none of their business. They had better watch out because slander is a serious business.
  • The Republicans had this election to lose. They ran a cult member and Ryan who scared every senior in the U.S. They did it to themselves. They have to be the dumbest people in the world who are in charge of the Republican Party.
  • Way to go, state Board of Education, for getting rid of Jorea Marple. She ran people out of there at her will and pleasure with no explanations.
  • Marshall fans don't care about smart aleck comments from WVU fans. This year is the best WVU is ever going to do in the Big 12.
  • Stupid, angry white men with more ego than brains got their facts and their math wrong. Obama's not bad for just being a lowly community organizer, huh?
  • Legalize marijuana and gay marriage? Pray for America who is about to go over a cliff.
  • Tomblin should replace the whole state Board of Education because of its irresponsible act.
  • In industrial businesses, by law, aisles have to be clearly marked and kept clear in case of fire or emergency. Why isn't this the case in retail stores? Shopping season crowds and store aisles are crammed with displays of merchandise.
  • Be careful in the woods the next couple of weeks. There are people there with high-powered rifles that you normally wouldn't trust with fingernail trimmers.
  • The new American Dream: Spending your time and money building a business and then being told how to run it by people too lazy to work and want a piece of the pie you've earned.
  • Obama won the election because our country has financially more takers than givers. That is the reason the U.S.A. is doomed. I'm glad I was here in its heyday. My parents, born in the late 1800s, would never have been on the dole; a family takes care of its own.
  • The people on illegal drugs are leading the way downward. They, like a lot of other people, only think of themselves.
  • To the venter who said Obama will go down in history as one of the best presidents we've ever had: Sure don't know where you get your drugs, but they surely have fried your brain.
  • More good-old-boy network in action again. Jim Phares says any accusations that the board had ulterior motives in speedily recommending him to become the next superintendent are just nonsense. Why don't these people tell the truth instead of feeding the public so much garbage?
  • If you are in the clique you get the blackberries - if not, you get the briars.
  • Obama and all his dirty-trick friends won the election by promising the deadbeats the good life. Nothing is for free anywhere so the ones that work will have to pay the way. Nov. 6 was the day this country was put to death.
  • A few years back when Gore lost the election the Democrats spent months checking "hanging chads" in Florida. Now with dozens of questionable voter issues across the country the GOP is wrong for wanting answers. The voting process in America has become a joke. We bring democracy to other countries while we can't handle it in our own backyard.
  • The Republicans' desperate attempt to salvage something from the whipping they took in the recent election is behind this futile search for blame in the Benghazi incident. Had they tried this hard to get to the truth about the Bush administration's failures on 9/11, then maybe the average American would care more.
  • When did the Kanawha County School Board change its name to "George Washington High School Board?" If GW has a better school program than the other schools in the county, shouldn't the primary goal of the board be to bring every school up to that level of education?


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