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Your Vents, Tuesday, Nov. 27

* The recent actions regarding the firing of Marple reek of a lack of accountability. Can they do anything they want with no consequences? How can a group of Manchin appointees have that much power? The citizens of West Virginia deserve better.

* Mitt Romney lied again. He said 47 percent of Americans were on the public dole. The elections proved that there are 51 percent of Americans on the take.

* The state Legislature should save a lot of money in overhead, eliminate the state Department of Education, send funding directly to the 55 counties and let them solve their own problems. We have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

* Jealousy and envy, pure and simple, are the reasons for Jorea Marple being dismissed.

* Nice comment about the Occupy Wall Street movement volunteering to help the Hurricane Sandy victims. Great job, guys, but the tea party is going to work and pay for your entitlement checks so that you guys can help out because you don't have jobs.

* I think Jorea Marple should get a lawyer and have them look into that situation. The next person who should go off the board should be Gayle Manchin.

* It sickened me this morning when looking at the big-wigs of our state, and the expense of the parties to be paid for by state taxes. This money could be put into food for the bellies of the little children going to bed hungry, heat for the elderly or their utilities or medicine.

* Marple is being paid with taxpayer money and we have the right to know why she was fired and when she will be replaced.

* To Texas Tech, Kansas State, TCU, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma University: I thank each of you. It just doesn't get any better than this.

* I think WVU should do away with the yellow uniforms. It makes the players look like bananas.

* The Marshall and fair-weather WVU fans need to get a life and stop making childish comments about the Mountaineers. Luck, Holgorsen, Huggins and the Mountaineers will be fine.

* I wonder if Shelley Moore Capito might be a liaison between CAMC and Humana since Rockefeller and Manchin won't do anything about it. We need something to be done.

* Regarding the Secret Santa comment: Someone is ignorant. There has to be a contact person's name and phone number if it is a group gift.

* I see where the Democrats are hollering that the money Republicans spent on the election they could have spent on the poor. Well, what about the Democrats?

* Dr. Phares is well qualified to be the state school board president - and good riddance to Phillips and Haden. Now they can get to work and help children instead of teacher salaries.

* The position that Marple was fired from is an "at will" position and they don't have to have a reason to fire you.

* When are any of the regular citizens, the taxpayers, going to be invited to any of the parties in the governor's tent?

* Not only does television want you to go deaf due to loud commercials over the last 10 years, they want you to go blind due to shadowing letters on television.


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