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Your vents for Wednesday, November 28

  • How do people get disability without evaluation, hearings and denial? And how do people get Medicare and Medicaid at the same time? Something has to be done also about fraud in welfare benefits. It is bringing the rest of us down.

  • Ron Stoner is a minister at Emmanuel Baptist Church on the West Side and I thought that all of God's people were treated equally.
  • Rutgers got in the Big 10 conference. That would have been a lot closer for us. See what happens when you jump the gun.
  • Why get bulletproof vests for the police that we have to pay for? Whatever happened to that Oxycontin money they got?
  • One of the things that Rush Limbaugh and conservatives missed as to why Romney lost the election was that in exit polls, only 35 percent of the people said they were conservative.
  • It is a good thing Manchin waited till after the election to oust Marple, because if he had done it before the election, he would have never been elected back into office again.
  • John Raese, you are zero and four. Take the hint.
  • Instead of playing "Hail to the Chief" when Obama comes into a room, they should play "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."
  • Linger and Manchin need to be fired, and Manchin needs to join her husband in D.C. before she hurts West Virginia anymore.
  • I have a great idea: Survey current employees and recent retirees and find out what they thought about working around Jorea Marple.
  • Our elected president is kind, decent, gentle, caring about others and an intelligent person. Republicans, get your facts straight and quit crying.
  • WVU tickets for sale: I'm tired of sitting in the loser's section.
  • American taxpayers should be mighty mad at our government for sending our money to Israel. They are murdering innocent Palestine women and children. 
  • Look at the mess Obama inherited this term.
  • Dictators in West Virginia, now that you have shown your true colors, apologize to Jorea Marple for your unbelievable mistake, ask her pardon and get out of the way of progress for our children.
  • The unions have their meetings. The education industry has their rallies. Where does the average citizen that believes the state school board did the exact right thing by firing Marple go to give their approval? The board needs to stand up for its decision.
  • It is not a coincidence that Manchin secured his Senate seat and now his wife will take over the school board. All of it was planned.
  • To the person who says we need to show the president respect: I think you have to do things in order to earn respect. He isn't my president and I didn't vote for him. I voted for Romney and I respect him.
  • Obama pardoned a turkey at the White House. I think he is a bigger turkey than the bird is.

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