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Your vents for Thursday, November 29

  • EDITOR'S NOTE: Daily Mail readers have had a lot to say about the recent firing of Superintendent Jorea Marple. The following is a sampling of recent calls and emails to our Vent Line concerning the issue.

  • If Jorea Marple wants to advocate for children, let her give up the big money and volunteer.
  • We all know Jorea Marple held an at-will position. That isn't the point. The question is how the gutless board members fired her behind her back. How would you like to lose your job like that?
  • As much as I relish seeing both Ms. Marple and her husband unemployed, her firing is just the latest in a long line of self-serving political maneuvers by the Manchin machine.
  • Anyone with an ounce of common sense should be able to see that the recent action by the state Board of Education is a coup against Mrs. Marple. It may not be technically "political," but it sure does have the smell of Manchin politics - especially the timing of just after the election.
  • I suggest that if you are concerned about the firing of Jorea Marple, you make note of it and remember this when you vote in future elections.
  • If anyone has any question as to why the "education system" in West Virginia ranks at the bottom of the list, I would suggest that you observe the "education" of the majority of the state Board of Education. Pathetic, to say the least.
  • Jorea Marple was a dictator.
  • McGraw was one of the few politicians that truly looked after the interest of the people of West Virginia. I have never met his wife but from everything I have read about her work in the short time she was in that position, she started some very good programs to enhance the public school system.
  • If Gov. Tomblin wants to be his own man and not the puppet of Joe Manchin, he will fire the five people who voted to fire Dr. Marple and hire back the two people who resigned along with others to replace them.
  • If Gov. Tomblin has any backbone at all, he will immediately fire the five Manchin appointees of the state Board of Education and start over with a clean slate.
  • Might it be that Mr. Phares is about to be run out of Randolph County over the potential closing of several schools and the possibility for long bus rides, and his buddies at the State Board are looking for a place for him to go?
  • As a parent of children in the public school system, I demand a reasonable explanation for Dr. Marple's termination.
  • The county school superintendents are hired by school board members elected by the citizens. The state superintendent is hired by BOE members appointed by the governor. Does Gov. Tomblin have the brass to hold them accountable?
  • I think the firing of Marple was intentionally scheduled to happen one week after the general election so as not to influence Manchin's re-election. It will be six years when his Senate seat is up for election again. Will we remember this charade? Someone needs to maintain a list of such events. Yes, I am a Democrat who is sickened by the Manchin politics.
  • Regarding Hoppy Kercheval's claim that if Dr. Marple had welcomed change, she would still be superintendent: What is needed is not just change, but improvement.

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