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Your vents for Friday, November 30

  • The banks won't give you any interest on your savings until they start charging interest on loans. It goes both ways.

  • If you need an assault rifle to hunt, you don't need to be in the woods anyway.
  • Gov. Tomblin needs to take back the state of West Virginia from Manchin. He shouldn't be running this state and neither should his cronies.
  • Now after nine games the WVU coaching staff decides to put Austin in as a running back to give him more touches with the ball. I played a little ball and it was our coach's philosophy to give the ball to playmakers every chance possible. So our great highly paid coaching staff has just figured this out after nine games?
  • WVU needs a quarterback that can move and throw in and out of the pocket accurately.
  • The GOP is not dead.  Republicans are the ones who have the values that America was founded on, not the war on women, etc.  The year 2016 will be the Republican year.
  • Mitt Romney was the first billionaire to be fired by Big Bird.
  • The son of a local attorney managed to have 39 felonies reduced to misdemeanors. That is just one more example of West Virginia's corruption. Now he is charged with malicious wounding instead of attempted murder, I suspect that this habitual criminal will get another slap on the wrist.
  • I voted for Obama for the second time because of Obamacare. I am not in awe of him. I lost $49,000 when Bush was in office.
  • Thanksgiving - the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the Lord.
  • Where are the young Republicans who are willing to run? We are simply stuck with people like Shelley Capito and you keep voting for her so you are stuck with that. You keep getting what you vote for.
  • If you think Obama is the worst president, were you in a cave during the eight years that "W" was president? What a loser he was.
  • The DMV isn't going to compare my footprint with the footprint that is on my birth certificate, so why are they going to make me hunt it up? Just because you have the certificate doesn't mean you are the person who is on it.
  • So AEP wants a raise to do maintenance like cutting trees off of power lines. They should have been doing this all along. This should be part of their company's regular operating schedule. It is just another reason for a rate increase.
  • To replace Jesse Jackson in Chicago, just find the biggest thug there. It should be easy to do.
  • If only Marshall University could somehow get Rick Menter to come back and be the defensive coordinator. They should try and go for it and get him.
  • There has been a cease-fire arranged between Egypt and the militants in the Gaza strip. Clinton is there now beside Egypt's president, but how long will it last? Obama had better not take credit for this.
  • Bad luck or what? If it wasn't for bad luck, West Virginia would have no luck at all. Not true. They have Oliver Luck.
  • Instead of repeating their party's catch phrases, the "tax-the-rich" crowd needs to take some time and crunch the numbers. If you taxed the rich 100 percent and took all their money it would only run the government a few days. Government has to reduce spending and the Democrats refuse to even consider that option.
  • Romney says Obama won because of "gifts" to blacks, Latinos and the poor. Baloney. Obama won because rational people did not buy the lies Romney was selling.
  • John McCain is a whining loser. He makes himself look more foolish every time he opens his mouth. McConnell and McCain are both examples of why we need term limits to prevent out-of-touch career politicians who look foolish with their attacking agenda.
  • Mitt Romney tried but he could not fool 50 percent of the American people. It speaks for itself.
  • To the person who said minority leader Mitch McConnell is the south end of a northbound horse: I believe it is much better than dirty Harry Reid who happens to be the stinking south end of a northbound polecat. How do you like those apples?
  • The Bush-era tax cuts for the rich were supposed to create jobs. That didn't happen. Americans lost jobs in record numbers while the rich became richer using overseas cheap labor. It is time to let the tax cuts for the rich expire.
  • The Sierra Club and the Highlands Conservatory will not be satisfied until no one in southern West Virginia has a job. I hope they are proud of themselves.
  • Funny that someone in West Virginia would state that 75 to 94 percent of minorities voted for Obama, when over 40 percent of West Virginians voted for convicted felon Keith Russell Judd, or better known as inmate No. 11593-051.
  • Apparently it hasn't dawned on the GOP that they got their clock cleaned in the recent election, as they are still the party of "no." They are trying hard to become a party of no importance in American politics and are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.
  • Why would have anyone expected a different result in the presidential election? We now have a nation made of bums, and one candidate was traipsing around the country making promises and playing Santa Claus. The other expected everyone to work and take personal responsibility. The outcome was obvious.
  • The Republicans want an independent investigation of the attack on our embassy in Lybia where four were killed. I don't remember them wanting an independent investigation of the attacks on 9/11 when over 3,000 were killed.
  • When running for re-election in 1984, Ronald Reagan attended four fundraisers. Obama attended 221 in running for his second term. That should tell you all you need to know about how presidents now actually spend their time. Our political system has become totally corrupted by the relentless pursuit of money.

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