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Your vents, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2012

* There are Americans being trained to be terrorists. The DOJ, Homeland Security and president have a severe problem, because they refuse to call terrorist attacks by their name. They always call it something else.

* I think America will regret letting a good man like Romney get away. He truly loves America and wanted to change things that are ruining our country. It is love for America that matters. You should be concerned with what is going on in Washington no matter what your political party is.

* Thank you, Dean Cook, for your article in Saturday's paper on the GI Bill. You set the record straight. My husband is one of the veterans from the Vietnam War that you discussed in your article. Thank you so much.

* There are so many people right here in Kanawha County who are able to work but choose public assistance to fund their pain pills so they can trade and sell them for what the government won't fund. How is Obamacare treating you?

* The truth about the attack on Benghazi would have made Obama's campaign brag about al-Qaida back on their heels absolutely moot.

* The older generation that held up God and country is now fading away. They are

almost gone.

* Egypt's president was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now Morsi has proclaimed absolute power in Egypt. What was it that

Obama and Hillary told Morsi? We should stop sending Egypt money now.

* One thing was proved in the last election; It wasn't bought. If it were, Romney would be president. I see where one rich Republican spent $52 million on Romney, yet they cry about paying their fair share in taxes.

* The Republicans are so behind in the real world. They don't believe in a decent wage for their employees, they don't believe in health care, they don't believe in minimum wage and they don't even believe in global warming. It is no wonder they lost the election.

* I cannot understand why Obama is protecting this Rice lady for secretary of state. It seems she is trying to cover something up in Washington. I don't think she is fit to be in that office. It is like another Watergate.

* I wonder if the CIA was trying to set up the president to take the fall for Benghazi? Maybe they were in Romney's pocket and the American people as a whole wouldn't accept the plot they tried to sell us.

* What difference does it make what the Benghazi attack was first called?

* Look around, folks — all these lines and people camped out in front of the

retail stores from Monday morning until the stores open at midnight Thursday. Most, if not all, are most surely on the "Obama Handout Plan." It's readily apparent they don't have jobs, but do have money to spend. We pay, they play.

* The only way that there will ever be peace in the Middle East is when we level the place. Israel is showing great restraint after decades of being attacked by Muslims.

* A lot of Christian conservatives presume to speak for God. What do you think gives you the right to say what you think God would do? No, you'll be the one who will be guided by the devil, not any one who voted for President Obama. God knows a Christian's heart. And he knows that you lack heart.

* Did you know that the number of recorded abortions performed in the United States in 2009 was the lowest since 1999? Wait a minute, do you mean that there were more abortions performed during the G.W. Bush years than under President Obama?

* Have you Christian complainers ever considered the possibility that God, being all powerful, wanted Obama to be re-elected?

n People praising Obama for helping the sick and poor should research the Mallo family story from Charleston's West Side. It is a perfect example of a welfare system out of control. Nobody opposes helping the needy. We're just tired of people abusing the system.

* As a taxpayer, I think it is wrong that our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us every day and they are not provided with safety vests to protect their own lives. Something is very wrong with this picture. Citizens who made donations for the vests not provided by our government are to be commended.

* The W.Va. Republican Party chairman said that Rockefeller has done nothing for West Virginia. Well, what about the jobs at Toyota, NGK, Pioneer Trucking, the push for mine safety equipment, and trying to save black lung benefits from Republican cuts — just to name a few?

* Romney is certainly not a screwball. He has done more for business and charity than most people do the rest of their lives. Do you shop at Staples? That is one of many businesses he started.

* This is to the teachers who caused our afternoon bus driver to lose his job. He needs that job just like you need yours. Shame on you. Putnam County doesn't need board members because the superintendent makes all of the decisions.

* From the mid-1990s back, AEP was a company that did their maintenance and cared about their customers. Now they overload employees with meetings, overload them with paperwork and very little productive work.

* Bullies abuse the weakest people. If they try to abuse their equals, they are going to get beat up, so they go for the less powerful. They are intimidators who need to have their blocks knocked off.

* I don't want my Social Security check deposited in the bank on the third of the month. It is only $790 a month and the only thing I have to live for at 75 years of age is to wait on the mailman and get the check and take it to the bank to watch them count it out to pay my bills. I've worked all of my life for it.  


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