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Your Vents, Wednesday, Dec. 5

* I agree with the person who said the state Legislature should save a lot of money in overhead and get rid of the state Department of Education. Send the money directly to the counties and let them all solve their own problems. It is better to have local schools and let parents get involved instead of big consolidated ones.

* Repeal Obamacare. Taxpayers shouldn't be forced to pay for birth control. They shouldn't force Catholic institutions to pay for it either. Obama is turning into a dictator.

* Why is a West Virginia DOH employee allowed to take his car home to Chesapeake every night? He should be required to take it to Chelyan and park it where it is supposed to be left.

* The governor has called for a 7.5 percent cut in budgets throughout state government. If dollar Danny would do that, they could do away with the user fee.

* Riders Creek Road in Putnam County needs desperately to have its potholes fixed.

* These women who have to take their children to meet their ex-husband need to have a witness in case they set you up and lie and say you didn't show up.

* Go, Shelley, go. Maybe when she loses in 2014, we will be rid of her. Go for it.

* Why do these people want to wear their pants down to their knees? It is so goofy looking and it just shows their ignorance. I miss the time when men were men and women were women.

* If someone will start a recall petition for Joe Manchin, I will sign it. It is depressing to think we are apparently going to have to put up with this buffoon for the next four years.

* Besides being a teacher in West Virginia, where else can you get a job without a drug test? That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. They of all people should be tested for drugs. How many more examples and how many more times are the children going to have to pay before the school board wakes up?

* What dumb people. Mrs. Marple was fired because Mrs. Manchin gets what Mrs. Manchin wants.

* If Obama would throw the deadbeats off welfare that don't belong, it would give the government all kinds of money for the Medicare program.

* Marshall should have stayed in the MAC. Can anyone tell me what bowl they are playing in this year?

* Well, if Shelley Moore Capito isn't extreme enough for the tea party, how about Hiram Lewis? He surely has the attitude.

* The W.Va. Constitution requires the state to provide by general law for a thorough and efficient system of free public schools. Our schools are neither. The problem seems to be over-regulation. If we get rid of the unions, we can straighten out our school system.

* Obama is still in campaign mode, he is pathetic and he just doesn't get it.  

* It says in the Bible to take care of the poor and unfortunate. Republicans value greed.


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