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Your Vents, Thursday, Dec. 6

* Set the record straight. Jorea Marple loves to take credit for things others do or institute. All of the initiatives listed in the newspaper were prompted by Gayle and Joe Manchin. I know because I worked on them.

* Bill O'Reilly and other Republicans consider working people who make $30,000 a year or less to be bums who take from the government. I'd like to see him live on that amount each year. If they are working, then they are paying into the program.

* I'd like to know why the trash men don't pick up trash that is accidentally dropped. Their bosses should instruct them if they drop something then they should pick it up and not leave a mess.

* The people of Kanawha County should hope that Mark Plants will run for Congress. We need anything that will get him out of the prosecutor's office where he plea bargains murders down to misdemeanors. This guy has to go. Get him out of here.

* Hillary Clinton will run in 2016. Why else do you think she is leaving the secretary of state job?

* I appreciate the Vent Line. I think the Manchins have gotten the message by now that Kanawha County has no place for them anymore.

* Obama fooled 52 percent of the American people.

* This is to the dumb Democrat who wrote that Obama has done a lot of great things. How about listing some of the things, because he hasn't done anything and isn't going to.

* Every time the government gives corporations a capital gains tax cut so they will invest in jobs for people, what actually happens is that the companies invest in closing their plants down and moving them overseas. This is ridiculous.

* To the person who took a key and scratched the side of our truck: It cost me $500 to get it fixed. Merry Christmas.

* Some people refer to West Virginians as dumb hillbillies. We survive in spite of rough geography and crooked politicians. I believe the recent election shows we voted more intelligently than some who think they are wiser.

* It is time for Oliver Luck to clean house.

* I hope the ones who got my double Christmas wreath from my front door with gold and red bows have a Merry Christmas, and God bless.

* Kirsten Powers is a Fox News contributor who should be fired because she is an Obama supporter and she thinks guns should be taken away from law-abiding citizens.  

* Now that Gov. Tomblin has his own four-year term, he needs to get rid of Randall Reid-Smith, Kay Goodwin and those Manchin cronies on the West Virginia Board of Education.

* The Daily Mail Vent Line has been taken over by the communists. They really need to call the Gazette or Pravda. They have their own newspaper and they really aren't changing anybody's minds.

* Be graceful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble and be prayerful.



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