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Your Vents, Friday, Dec. 7

* Who would want to take the new program from Suddenlink where you watch two people beating up on each other? Live HBO pay per view might show two people killing each other. Suddenlink, why do you want to do this? Shame on you.

* Are there any teachers today who can show a child how to hold a pencil when writing?

* We need guardrails on U.S. 60 across from Marmet Mountain.  

* Richard Gere's female co-stars always love him because he likes women and knows how to treat them gracefully. Yea for him.

* I am so proud of Mr. Giles at Capital High School. He has to handle everything with a grain of salt and he gets it from all sides. Keep up the good work, sir.

* Apparently the Republican Party is willing to abandon any moral principles they've ever supposedly had. But they will never abandon their protection of billionaires from tax increases. If this trend continues, I will abandon them.

* WCHS needs to bring Ashley Smith back.

* Which comes first, the fiscal cliff or the end of time according to the Mayans? Anyhow, we can at least save money on Christmas presents because it all will end a couple of days before Christmas.

* Don't blame Kansas City's tragedy on guns.

* Can you smell it? I can. It is spreading all over the state. It is the Manchin manure machine.

* I would like to know why there are no decorations on MacCorkle Avenue in Kanawha City.

* WVU got its punishment by having to play at the Yankee Stadium on Dec. 29. With one more win we would have been headed south for a real bowl game.

* Charleston Town Center looks fantastic with its new look. Everyone did a great job.

* Gov. Tomblin should tell MTV to junk their new show about W.Va. teenagers acting stupid and ignorant. It shouldn't be on television ever and needs to be stopped.

* I would love to hear what Capito's excuse is to keep the tax rates cut for the upper crust. Did she sign the Norquist pledge?

* The Greenbrier won. What a sham. It is worse than the Supreme Court saying lotteries can include table games.




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