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Your vents, Monday, Dec. 10

  • If Mark Plants and the Charleston Police Department think it is OK to arrest Steve Conifer, make him lose his job and parade his name and face in the media even though he didn't commit a crime, then there is something seriously wrong with the justice system in Kanawha County.

  • I have a neighbor who is off from work a whole year and goes back to work whenever he wants to go back. I don't think it is right for him to keep his business vehicle all the time and go back when he wants to.
  • I want to thank the two women who sat behind me at the Saturday 2:20 showing of Lincoln. They continually talked on their cellphones. Ladies, try as you may, you can't hide class.
  • There is a minister living in Putnam County who preaches on gossip, and his wife is the worst offender of all.
  • Why were military jets flying low, fast and unannounced through the Kanawha Valley? We should be allowed to know.
  • I have a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. And furthermore, I decorated it for Christ.
  • What do the Friends of Coal think now that Arch Coal and Peabody Energy have stuck it to Patriot? With friends like that, who needs enemies?
  • I am a senior citizen who belongs to AARP. I am sick and tired of receiving mail from them every day. It is overwhelming. If they can afford all of that paper and postage, then they can lower their rates. Help.
  • I'm a poor Democrat, one of the 47 percent, and I'm willing to go off the fiscal cliff just to make the rich Republicans pay their fair share of taxes. If I can do it, they can too.
  • Please, no more callers about Jorea Marple. Get over it. Tell her friends to quit writing and calling.
  • Here is a new spelling of that certain general's name: "Betrayedus." He betrayed his family and the American people. Shame on him.
  • About the levy: I am thankful Pete Thaw stood up for the little people. Mr. Silkwood said it would cost only $117 a year. Well, that is a sizable amount for most of us. Everyone isn't a lawyer like he is.
  • I haven't seen anything written about how many couches were burned after WVU finally won a game. Could you put that in there? I'd like to know because it is about the world's largest insane asylum.
  • Until they get cut off by KRT and KRT just flat out says "no more," the Chesapeake Fire Department will continue doing what they are doing right now with their gas in their vehicles. Old man Carper lets them get by with it. And their chief is paid $50,000 a year. Since when does a volunteer fire department do that?
  • I do not believe children should attend year-round school. There should be time for summer camp and family vacations. And they especially need time to visit grandparents.  Years ago, they only had 11 grades of education, and I would put my parents' education up against any high school graduate of today.
  • I'd like to know how Putnam County Parks can advertise ice skating over at the Wave Pool when it is skating on Plexiglas. Isn't that false advertising?
  • Will the whiny Marshall fans stop commenting on WVU? We are sorry you never got a chance to beat us in your history, but we get tired of your complaining.
  • There are still honest people in this world. A nice man from Big Chimney found my billfold and brought it all the way to my home, and everything was still in it. I thank God for him.
  • Please explain to me what Capito has ever done except run back and forth from Washington, D.C., to her home. Just tell me one thing she has ever done.
  • What this country really needs is a real old-fashioned revival.
  • People today don't even go to church, and children aren't going to Sunday school. Churches are dying, and there is no fear of God, and that is why we are in such a mess morally. There is nothing wrong in the eyes of the people.
  • If President Obama would cut welfare people off that don't belong there, he could apply a tremendous amount of money to Medicare.
  • To show how far Fox News is out of touch with the real world, during a recent show, as they went to break, they played "Free Bird" by Charlie Daniels. Probably because of Daniels' politics. Everyone who has just the basic knowledge of Southern rock music knows that only one group can play "Free Bird."
  • Right-wingers, quit crying about how Obama is the worst president ever. You got your hat handed to you, you got thumped, routed, stomped, etc. Anyone who has lived in America since 2000 knows who the worst president in our history was.
  • The person who said Manchin's whole regime is based on lies really hit the nail on the head - once a liar, always a liar. When he ran for governor the second time, he promised the voters that if Byrd should die, he would still serve out his term and not run for Byrd's seat. Does anyone else remember that?
  • Now that the takers outnumber the makers, the country has been permanently lost. The bums who voted to continue this administration because of the handouts are not intelligent enough to see that the path we are on is not sustainable and at the end will not understand that they unleashed this.
  • Charleston police has had a cruiser and uniformed cop sitting at Patrick Plaza for a month to deter drug activity. All they've done, besides waste tax dollars, is push the activity to another location. Why don't they use undercover cops to actually catch the people and get them off the street?
  • The war on drugs is a joke.
  • In 2002, the U.S. Consulate in Pakistan was attacked, and 10 were killed. In 2004, the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan was attacked, and two were killed. In 2004, the U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia was attacked, and eight were killed. In 2006, the U.S. Embassy in Syria was attacked, and one was killed. And in 2008, the U.S. Embassy in Yemen was attacked, and 10 were killed. What's the big deal about the Benghazi attack? Is it because a Democrat is president?
  • To the person upset because his wife was stopped for no inspection stickers on a "brand-new car" with temporary tags: Where did you purchase your brand-new car? I have never seen a brand-new-car dealer who did not place an inspection sticker on all new vehicles. I would not have purchased it without a sticker on the windshield.
  • If Obama should be impeached for Benghazi, then Bush and Cheney should be tried for war crimes against the people of Iraq.
  • No sitting U.S. president has ever left our shores for any reason until No. 27, Woodrow Wilson. He went to France after World War I. When did presidents decide U.S. taxpayers were cash cows to fund their jet-set lifestyle? We can't afford the Obamas.
  • Comical. A liberal community college in Pennsylvania is cutting employee hours and classes to avoid providing health insurance as required with Obamacare. That means more people making less wages going on public insurance, putting more strain on taxpayers. We warned you people Obama's plan didn't add up.
  • The real reasons Hostess Bakeries went bankrupt were the private-equity owners had loaded the company down with debt, the CEO had tripled his pay, the union had previously taken a big, big pay cut, and economists said the company would have gone bankrupt in another 18 months anyway.


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