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Your vents for Tuesday, December 11

  • Somewhere close to $7 million is being spent in Morgantown on head coach and assistant salaries for football and basketball. We used to get much better results for a whole lot less. Maybe it will take $10 million before we finally hit bottom.

  • Tobacco has killed far more people than alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, crack, PCP, meth, LSD, and all the other recreational drugs combined. So, when your killer drug, tobacco, is illegal, then you can preach to the rest of us about our drugs.
  • Under the heading "Rats deserting sinking ship" the number of Republicans deserting the "no tax increase" pledge to Grover Norquist (whom I consider the emperor with no clothes, as he has no real power) is increasing. It appears the GOP sees the handwriting on the wall concerning future elections.
  • We already have one ineffectual new senator. Why does Representative Capito believe we need another?
  • What little respect I had left for the decision-making ability of Oliver Luck just went out the building with the contract he gave Bob Huggins.
  • Ten people who say nothing of value and should always be ignored: Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Cantor, Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Lindsey Graham and Harry Reid.
  • So, John McCain, who picked Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate, feels qualified to determine whether Susan Rice should be secretary of state. Now, that's funny.
  • I would love to play and win the Power Ball lottery. But I would hate to win it and have to give half of it to the federal government for it to waste on it's bureaucracy and to give to the freeloaders. I wouldn't mind paying my taxes on it, and I wouldn't mind it going to the military and the elderly, but not to welfare.
  • To the venter who said the taxpayers should be mighty mad at our government for sending our money to Israel as they are murdering innocent Palestinian women and children: Why, pray tell, is it OK for the Hamas Palestinians and Jew haters to kill women and children, but not for the Israelis to retaliate? Sounds like Hitler reborn.
  • As the probe of Massey Energy's handling of operations at the Upper Big Branch mine widens, we will see that these type of non-union mines put the lives of miners up against profits. The UMWA has been warning coal miners of this for years, but a lot of them don't listen. Now they will see what their grandfathers and great grandfathers had to fight for many years ago  - a safe workplace.
  • Does anyone remember all the spending freezes when Jay Rockefeller was governor? Now that he has hooked up with Obama, it's spend, spend, spend and spread the wealth around.
  • Are the people trying to raise the property taxes for schools crazy? We are barely holding on now. I shouldn't lose my house to taxes because of a few "do-gooders" that can afford this. Why don't they pay higher taxes and leave the rest of us alone? They better hope no one asks me to sign the petition - I would tell them what for.
  • Electing the W.Va. Board of Education just may be the worst idea proposed in years. All this would do is build name recognition for those folks, would create more of these do-nothing lifetime politicians feeding at the government trough, and would strengthen the straight-ticket Democratic machine that has kept this state in depression for over 80 years.

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