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Your vents for Wednesday, December 12

  • President Obama submits a plan to avert the "fiscal cliff" and the GOP scoffs and refuses to consider it. But, they submit no plan. None. Nada. Zip. How can we reach a compromise on a plan if there is no alternative plan? Put up, GOP, or be further relegated to the trashcan of history.

  • Romney was supposedly convinced by the polls he would win - especially Ohio. He knew that Rove had fixed the election there by rigging the voting machines. But, some hackers got wind of it and blocked the program that would have skewed the voting machines. My, my, tough luck, cheaters.
  • "Buckwild" is one more example of the garbage being forced down our throats in the guise of "entertainment," just as the New Jersey shows, pawnshop shows, duck hunters, rat catchers, and Honey BooBoo. Sadly, we are too stupid to put an end to it. Without viewers piled up on their couches watching this junk, these shows would never survive.
  • An executive from CityNet who says Steve Paine is an ethical person never heard of the way he treated employees while he was the West Virginia school superintendent. Ethics and grievances somehow don't mix.
  • Why would any competent school superintendent choose to work for our present state Board of Education?
  • Greed sounds better than making people vultures, lazy and worthless to society as the Democrats do.
  • No lie told in the country was ever so harmful as the one about weapons of mass destruction that caused us to go to war in 2003. If it was the CIA who gave us that information, as well as the CIA who gave Susan Rice her talking points, who should we be going after for responsibility? Hmmm. Is it their lack of "intelligence" or do they really want us to be in war?
  • Would someone please inform Mike Agnello of WCHS radio that he is not Rush Limbaugh; everyone is not his brother; and he just needs to quit whining.
  • The highest respected politician in America and in Europe is Hillary Clinton. Some call her the American Angela Merkel.
  • That Florida orange juice commercial is illogical and insane. We buy the orange juice in spite of the commercial.
  • To the nice lady who bought items at our yard sale in Campbell's Creek last week, she insisted we take an extra $20 to help with a project we were working on for the homeless vets in Barboursville. We will go there Friday and God sends his blessings to you. Thank you.
  • It is evident that Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff so he can blame the Republicans. Maybe Obama will be impeached and the administration will have to resign because of overspending. It would serve them right if something like that happens.
  • It is true that Mrs. Manchin gets what she wants. Joe Manchin missed his first vote in Washington, D.C. after replacing Sen. Byrd so that Mrs. Manchin could have a family gathering. So, poor us.
  • Sandy Saunders sued the city of Nitro and John Young for sexual harassment. The city agreed to pay her thousands of dollars in a settlement, but she also lost her job while John Young kept his job with the city. Are you kidding me, Mayor Casebolt?
  • How we think is more important than what we know. 
  • Get the bottom feeders off of welfare. That will save money and they wouldn't be talking about trying to save Medicare.
  • CAMC's "no smoking" policy is a joke. It is non-existent.
  • The Bible says that there will be a time coming when you can't tell winter from summer and that time is now.
  • I'm not a Marshall fan, but I am a fan of fair and equitable funding for all state-supported colleges and universities that scrape by while this partying rat-hole school in Morgantown gets plenty of money. I enjoy WVU getting a good old-fashioned country whipping.
  • Unless you are a native American, you are a foreigner. We all are. If the Indians didn't vote Obama in, then all foreigners did. 
  • It seems to me that the welfare brats are the ones who will be taking over the country.
  • Who could one contact about someone discharging very loud explosives all hours of the night? I've contacted Metro 911, Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department, the state Fire Marshal's Office, Kanawha County Sheriff Department and nothing is being done about it.
  • I wish the managers and employees of restaurants, especially fast food places, would not turn the music up so loud in the dining room. If you want it back in the kitchen then get a radio back there.
  • It is time for America to wake up. Obama has become the worst president in U.S. history.
  • I think the judge in Putnam County should have been removed from the bench. He failed to rule in a timely manner and didn't enter domestic orders. This is horrible. People could have died.
  • I saw in the paper where Ron Duerring was asking substitute teachers to come back to work. Isn't that double dipping? There are plenty of people on the substitute list they need to call.

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