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Your vents for Thursday, December 13

  • I just recently opened a shop on Quarrier Street. I hope it inspires other artists and others to follow. The old downtown area was nice, especially walking from store to store during Christmas. It felt more like Christmas that way. Old eyesore buildings should be torn down and make the downtown of Charleston beautiful and exciting again.

  • As a transplanted Florida Gator fan who must now cope with the daily WVU propaganda, I want to congratulate WVU on its December bowl game in the exotic vacation paradise - the Bronx, New York. I guess this isn't really the invitation to N.Y.C. Geno Smith was anticipating in September.
  • The people in the East End of Charleston and the West Side have them. Now I think it is time for the snooty people on the hill to have them. I'm talking about welfare people, drug addicts and drug dealers. Let them see what the rest of the people in the city have to live with.
  • You don't need a referral if you have traditional Medicare and supplementary insurance. You don't have to go through bureaucrats. You can call the doctor's office and make your own appointment.
  • How could you have a big article and celebration about the mall and exclude Mayor John Hutchinson who was the mayor at the time it was started? He was the brain behind the whole operation and he fought to get the mall downtown. It is a shame he wasn't even mentioned in the article.
  • It used to be that a team had to be 8-4 to even be considered for a bowl. Now there are teams that are 7-5 and 6-5 allowed in bowl games. What a disgrace and what a joke.
  • I'm commenting about a person who is 20 years behind in child support. He is a drug user and an alcoholic and the courts refuse to do anything about it.
  • One caller hit it right on the money by saying the school board should be called the G-W High School board. They should treat us all fairly. Everybody pays taxes.
  • Boehner should develop true patriotism. After all, one of the main purposes of the Congress is to pay the debts of our country. We owe nothing to Grover Norquist. But the full faith and credit of the United States is at stake.  You can be a patriot or you can be a turncoat, but you cannot be both simultaneously!
  • It looks like Gov. Tomblin will have to man up and fix the disgrace in the Culture Center, the Internet purchase of servers and the state Board of Education. Replace all and start from scratch.
  • Do the Lincoln County schools open their doors anymore? We have a Lincoln County teacher who is home all of the time. I wish I had a job like that.
  • I am from Clay County and I would just like to say thank you to Charleston Catholic for the gifts.
  • The people who drive with expired auto inspection stickers and licenses need to be stopped. I have counted a lot of them.
  • You people leave Obama alone and get on something that is important.
  • Thank you, Joe Manchin, for standing up to MTV against the BuckWild television program.
  • If we go over the cliff the first of the year, the next thing they should do is to start impeachment proceedings against John Boehner.
  • A woman at the senior citizen's high rise in Kanawha City was recently arrested for drug charges. She posted bail and now is out and back living here. She is a danger to the people here as well as the community. She is dangerous and should have been left in jail. What is wrong with this picture?
  • Don't blame the young people of West Virginia for the poor decisions of the state's leader.
  • They still haven't come out to fix my electric lines since Sandy. They were pulled away from my house and laying against my neighbor's house. They said they can't fix them till after the first of next year.
  • Hip-hip hurray to the Mountaineer mascot for harvesting a black bear with his musket. He supports our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and our heritage. May God bless him.
  • If you are supposed to lead, do it. You know what needs to be done. Pay the bills and eliminate the unnecessary, fraudulent, redundant and waste items. You can't pay the bills if you don't belly up to the bar with your cash. Do it.
  • Joe Manchin, stay out of this MTV television thing.
  • To the person who said it isn't necessary for the Ripley Post Office to be handicapped accessible: I hope you are never in the position of being handicapped. Those people deserve to be able to go in and get their mail privately the same as anyone else.
  • Please explain in the Vent Line how Social Security and Medicare could run up the budget and bust it? They take the money out of the workers' checks every week. What screws with the budget is SSI, Medicaid and food stamps.
  • I would like to know what CAMC does with the money they get from the parking garage. You have to pay $4 every day to park. One of the workers shared with me they have over 300 cars go through there a day at one booth. That is over $1,200 a day from one booth, not to count all three hospitals. What are they doing with all of that money?
  • Why do the deputies in Sissonville take things that people have bought to a wrecker yard, let it sit there till it is claimed when someone has already paid for it?

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