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Your Vents, Friday, Dec. 14

* If you are a regular churchgoer, don't forget the people who can't be there as often. Call them, keep in touch, and remember them when they lose a family member with a card or something. And don't backstab them.

* Elkhurst and Twisted Back road residents in Clay County, please be aware that electrical and copper wire hoodlums are working overtime in your area.

* I'm a right winger. I am not crying about Obama winning. No one ever handed me my hat and no one ever thumped, routed or stomped me.  

* It is time for GW to rename their football field the Drew Morton Memorial Field. Drew deserves this honor.

* So the person thinks that "right-to-work" is politics. He is too dumb to realize that unions are the biggest reason we have lost so many jobs overseas.

* Someone asked what the difference is as to what the Benghazi attack is called. The biggest reason is the president was saying that he had al-Qaida beat pretty good. This was before the election. He was just lying.

* We love the Weather Channel. It is very important to us, but it gives me shivers to see that woman in her sleeveless little dress in the middle of winter.

* It was recently reported that the city of Charleston acquired eight acres of abandoned property to expand Danner Meadow Park and it would cost the taxpayers no money. That is a falsehood. First of all it takes eight acres off of the city tax income. Secondly, the property isn't going to maintain itself. It isn't free.

* I used to see a column by Billy Graham in the Daily Mail called "My Answer." I'd love to see something like that in your paper again. It seems like all that we see is bad news.

* Re-name Craig's Branch off of Rich Fork "trash branch" because people really are throwing their trash out here.

* How much private property is lost to the city due to neglect, uninsured fires, abandonment and delinquent taxes? I'll bet the city has a gold mine of property.

* If you receive Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security,  you can thank a Democrat. If you plan to receive these benefits in the future and you vote Republican, you are a hypocrite.

* Regarding the traffic issue on the duplex, I lived in a duplex community and the traffic isn't any different than in a single-home community and shouldn't be an issue.

* Jesus is a rock in a weary land, a shelter in the time of storm. The storm is blowing and Jesus is coming home for his loved ones. It can't be long from now. Celebrate his birthday and celebrate it each and every day of life.

* Congratulations to WVSU for hiring their new football coach. Hopefully they will have better football seasons than in the past. Earl Monroe had an underfunded program. It would have been interesting to see where he could have been with a well-funded program.

* Shelley Moore Capito will want to have West Virginia be a right-to-work state if Grover Norquist requests her to do this. You'd have to be crazy to vote for her.

* A special thanks to the lady at Kmart on Patrick Street for helping me load my five 5-foot tables. Kmart, get busy and hire people. You need help.


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