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Your vents for Monday, December 17

  • South Charleston has the best trash men around. They pick it up, bring the cans back and never leave so much as a jar lid behind. They will always come and get the last of my things if need be. Merry Christmas and a big thanks, guys.

  • The Koch brothers are pouting because of the shellacking the Republicans got in the election. The Bible says that greed is a sin. What will happen to them when they go to meet their maker?
  • Western civilization has long enjoyed the positive influence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is referred to by some as the "grace effect." It is obvious to me personally that the decline of this grace effect is most noticeable in the economic decline of America and many nations. Where will it end?
  • If that gas pipeline runs under the interstate, they built the road over it. Someone violated something by building the road like that. The private property probably has a one-hundred-year lease on it. It isn't very smart.
  • It is hard to understand the Republicans spending billions and lying and crooked dealings. They still want to protect the riches of the rich on the backs of the rest of us. If they would pay more in taxes it would still be a drop in the bucket of what they spent trying to defeat Obama in the election.
  • I am extremely disappointed that Gov. Earl Ray Tomlin hasn't stepped up to make a statement concerning the unethical actions of the State Board of Education in the firing of Dr. Marple.
  • Is he silent because the action was spearheaded by the "Manchin Faction?" I find it ludicrous that they have continued this charade, and re-fired Dr. Marple, rather than admit they made a mistake and take responsibility for their cowardly action.
  • A recent headline on the Internet said: "Romney defeat leaves vacuum in GOP leadership." Not so. Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party - much to its dismay.
  • Having Manchin and Capito in Washington together representing West Virginia would be a disaster.
  • Auto commercials are getting out of hand. A Dodge truck driving through an earthquake, and Ford driving a car over a cliff are both fantasies. The most egregious though is Acura's commercials that show distracted driving. The driver doesn't look at the road and speeding and veering in and out of traffic.
  • Gas prices went up over a dollar during Obama's first four years of leadership. Recently they dropped 15 cents and the Kool-Aid-drinking liberals started praising him for lowering the price.
  • Attention Winfield High School parents of 11th graders: Check to see what novel your son or daughter has been assigned to read for their English class. The one I saw the front of would be offensive to a lot of people.
  • To the organizers and participants of the St. Albans Christmas Parade: You did an excellent job. What a wonderful turnout.
  • Apparently conservatives have not yet realized one simple fact: President Obama knows what he is doing.
  • Today, an old man who sits at the Kanawha County Public Library with his friend put down his head on the table, while his friend was reading a book. Security told him he could not put his head on the table. What harm did this man do to the library?
  • Charleston police could probably buy a few bulletproof vests if they would stop buying such expensive police cars. Do you really think they need mustangs and chargers to do their jobs? What happened to the days of the Caprice Classics?
  • I saw where a caller was questioning why an oil change cost more at a dealership than at a quick lube. The answer is the hourly wage and benefits paid to the employees. The higher the expense - the higher the cost of a service. It is basic business. When it costs more to provide a service, the cost is passed off to the consumer.
  • Those little hard-shell varmints that smelled so bad that we called "stink-bugs" during the '30s must have had a hard trip to Asia and back to the U.S. in 2001. Maybe the entomologists can trace the route they took and write a report on that.
  • St. Albans residents were notified that the Cunningham Cemetery luminaries would be on Dec. 22. Instead many residents missed out helping and viewing this beautiful event as it occurred on Dec. 2nd. They should have it again on the 22nd. This is important to many families with members buried there. Some who wanted to participate won't be able to next year. Please do it again on the 22nd. Many are waiting to help.
  • Right is right. The taxpayers hope the newspapers and reporters do not stop digging and reporting the truth about the State BOE and its members profiting from their no-bid contracts which is the root cause for firing Jorea Marple. So far we have not seen anyone come forward to hold the BOE accountable for their actions. Are they above the law?
  • Let's keep Clinton and Obama out of the air, have no more foreign aid, and send Japan a letter that what we owe them is paid due to what they did to us in 1941. That should help pay off the national debt.
  • ACLU is what I call the "Anti-Christ Lawyers Union," and also the federal government, should stay completely out of American's lives. This isn't a communist country although Obama is trying to turn it into one. We have the protection of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Since their war on Thanksgiving was less than satisfying, Fox News is doubling down on the war on Christmas. It is absolutely hilarious to tune in at 6 a.m. and watch Gretchen Carlson ginning up the Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas dilemma for people who had no opinion until Fox News told them how to think.
  • Leave it to the freaks to turn the phrase "Merry Christmas" into a taunting invitation to a duel.
  • I guess MTV showed Sen. Manchin how powerful he is not. You can't get your way on everything Joe so just sit back and watch the show.
  • Hey Wingnut, I pay for the paper also. It isn't just your Vent Line, your paper - and it isn't just your country.
  • To the person who said President Obama is the most ill-mannered president ever, then explain why he is trying to take care of the middle class and the poor. Or when the president extended his hand to shake John Boehner's hand, Boehner wouldn't even take his hand - explain that.
  • Will you please lay this newspaper down, drop to your knees, lower your head and clasp your hands and pray for the United States of America? The people in Washington evidently don't know how to pray.
  • Some of the people who work for these insurance agencies turn in reports at the end of each month that note how much money they saved by not allowing certain surgeries and procedures.
  • Don't forget the Cryptoquip in the paper to exercise the brain.
  • We need to recognize the Rosie the Riveters from World War II more. The men couldn't have fought and won the war if the women hadn't done their job building ships, planes and bombs and a lot of other things. Step up and show them more recognition.


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