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Your vents for Wednesday, December 19

  • With all of these Medicare Advantage Plans, why can't they have one, just one, that will help senior citizens?

  • The West Virginia government should take note of what Michigan's government did on right-to-work in a highly unionized state that is very depressed and going bad. Quit forced unionism.
  • Get right with God for the time is near.
  • The over-crowded Mary Snow Elementary School is not a sign of progress. It is only a sign that there are more low-income welfare children.
  • Doesn't the government realize that most of its citizens have already gone over the fiscal cliff?
  • John Boehner and the Republicans are against Susan Rice for secretary of state because they know if Obama doesn't pick her, he will pick John Kerry and therefore leave Kerry's Senate seat open so that Republican Scott Brown can take it back.
  • If you don't know why West Virginia is now a "red" state, just ask some of your conservative friends if they know who Grover Norquist is. Nine out of 10 won't know because his name is probably never mentioned on Fox News. They are very uninformed.
  • Whoever purchased the Carnegie Program for Kanawha County Schools should be fired. Math teaching has gone way downhill using that program to teach math instead of letting the teacher teach.
  • Where is our governor? The Health and Human Services Department and the Department of Education are in turmoil, but our governor has not been heard from. Is he not the top man over both departments? Doesn't he have the authority to straighten out his appointees?
  • Why all the drama in Washington, D.C.? Here's the solution to balancing the federal budget. Raise revenue and cut spending until a balanced budget is achieved. If the so-called middle class is going to be left out of the formula to avoid the cliff, then other revenue sources will be required. It is easy enough that a caveman could do it.
  • Lock the leaders up and don't let them out until they hammer out a balanced budget.
  • So, the Bible says to take care of the poor and unfortunate.  But I don't think that means or includes the lazy, freeloaders, drunks and druggies.
  • The statement recently made, "Obama knows what he is doing," is absolutely correct. Do the majority of the people know "what he is doing" and are they prepared for the "results" of what he is doing?  Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.
  • The only thing that creates jobs is the demand for products and services. So if you give $2,000 to the middle class they will spend it (thus creating jobs), but if you give $250,000 to the wealthiest people they will put it in a foreign bank account (thus not creating jobs). 
  • Shelley Moore Capito has learned nothing from what happened to Bob Wise when he gave up a congressional seat. Maybe she wants to follow him into oblivion.
  • Further spending cuts will result in more layoffs and deepen problems. Hiring and employment will not increase until consumer spending increases, and that depends on increased consumer confidence and job security. When unemployment drops we will reduce the deficit and begin paying down the debt.

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