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Your vents for Friday, December 21

  • Hug a teacher today.

  • Carper says there is no nepotism in the sheriff's department. Are you kidding me? He must be living under a rock.
  • God bless the first responders in our society. They deal with the worst and they deal with it first and they need our support.
  • What is the percentage of working people vs. those who get a check for being stupid and drunk or on Medicaid or welfare? My children all work for a living but they seem far outnumbered on this ridge by the people who get a check for being stupid or being drunk.
  • Everyone keeps trashing Shelley Moore Capito and saying everyone in her district must be rich. Well, I'm poorer than dirt, OK, but I'll tell you this much, if you call her office with a problem that they can help you with, they are right on it. And I've used them twice.
  • The small amount Obama is asking the Republicans to pay in taxes wouldn't be a drop in the bucket compared with the money they spent trying to buy the election.
  • If you work a 40-hour workweek, if you get paid a decent wage or if you have some kind of medical coverage, then you can thank a union for bringing up the quality of laborers' treatment.
  • Maybe now politicians won't be so intimidated by the bully boys at the National Rifle Association. This is coming from a guy who owns six guns.
  • If you have adopted a pet in the last two weeks from the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association, you really need to have your pet checked out for distemper.
  • Thank you to the Walgreen's on the West Side for your great care and customer service.
  • Those who profit from violence in entertainment should have been forced to watch the senseless violence at Sandy Hook School. 
  • The NRA philosophy is to just keep shooting. Shoot first and ask questions later. Now let some stupid sociopath defend that.
  • It is an absolute disgrace we are paying $4,000 for a portrait of a judge when I can't afford a $250 picture of my family.
  • The Sissonville gas explosion was closer to Derrick's Creek on Kanawha 21 instead of Teresa Lane and Rocky Fork. It was on the other side of Archibald hill.  Please, media, get this information straight.
  • It doesn't say in the Bible that you will not know winter from summer. In Genesis 8:22, Psalms 74:17 and Zechariah 14:8 it mentions summer and winter.
  • Why do you hate the people with whom you disagree? Scorched earth crazies?  Can't you sometimes just agree to disagree? You are like a lost ball in the high weeds.
  • Go WVU in the "cold" bowl.
  • I can't believe they think monetary donations will help the families in Newtown, Conn. These people have money. They don't need money. Maybe there could be a memorial built there in honor of victims. Or maybe they need to tear down that elementary school and build a new one in a different part of their town. That would be a help to them.
  • The water company wouldn't have to raise their rates if they would stop excessive overtime. They work when they want and they write their own checks.
  • I live in Hurricane. On my street the streetlight has been out for six weeks. I've called the power company twice and the city of Hurricane once and so has my neighbor - still no street light and they continue taking my tax dollars.

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