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Your vents, Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012

  • You idiots don't know what an assault rifle is. The shooter only used two pistols. This hype is a bunch of garbage.

  • I believe about half of the West Virginia soldiers during the Civil War fought for the North and the other for the South. I know I had ancestors who fought for the South.
  • When they took God and prayer out of schools in the '60s, the devil walked in and took their place. Thus we have these tragedies involving innocent children.
  • Is Judge Watkins off of the bench until 2016? I thought he was out of a job. Then the paper said he would be back in January. It looks like he has the upper hand over the state Supreme Court and they aren't doing anything.
  • What kills more people each day, guns or obesity?
  • The people in West Virginia want to blame the president for everything. I think they had better wake up and smell the roses and blame the real culprit, Joe Manchin.
  • Vision Works has extra wide women's eyeglass frames. Also, you can wear a man's frame. They have a lot of stylish ones. I have trifocals, and that leaves room for plenty of vision space.
  • We have enough school funding trouble now, but what if our local police departments had off-duty police officers volunteer to spend an off day working at a local school? At the end of the year, they could accumulate vacation time in return for participating in the program. This is just a thought.
  • Please tell me how two inmates acquired enough sheets to be able to scale down a 20-story high rise? Security must have been severely lax.
  • The reason Obama has not done anything to keep us from going off the fiscal cliff is because he is thinking of his three-week Hawaiian vacation. It will cost taxpayers $4 million. This type of thing has got to be stopped. They don't deserve it.
  • The Kanawha County School Board states that Kanawha County schools are safe. I challenge that. I think we need a good investigative reporter to look into it. There were projects that were started six years ago for safe and secure schools, and these projects have not been completed.
  • Could someone please tell me why you can't get anyone to answer the telephone at the state Department of Motor Vehicles in Kanawha City? Do they have a new number?
  • I just read where Sen. Manchin wimped out on what he previously said about gun control and assault weapons. Now he wants to wait until the NRA has the time to tell him what to say. He keeps showing his true colors.
  • When a judge does not want to accept a guilty plea from a brutal murderer, surely something is wrong with this picture.
  • To the caller talking about the reason jobs are going overseas is due to greed: Well, what do you think unions are? They sure aren't for the people.
  • Hey Mr. Summa Cum Laude, you see what that piece of paper got you, don't you? It made you a royal member of the dumb and dumber. Enjoy yourself.
  • I'm responding to the vent about residents on Bills Creek in Putnam County having greyhounds in small cages: The state inspector and racing commission came and inspected and didn't find anything wrong. Putnam County humane has been there half a dozen times.
  • Leave Medicare alone because it was worked for, paid into and earned. Medicaid needs to have cuts because they got to lie in the bed and sleep and not go out in the bad weather. Cut theirs and make them pay for prescriptions like the rest of us.
  • Students are spoiled and used to getting their way is why they refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. They are Americans and reap every benefit from our society. They should stand.
  • Hillary Clinton probably got her concussion from banging her head against the wall because she has to work for an idiot.
  • The price of gas went up 30 cents a gallon. How did that happen without a war or disaster? It is called greed, and the government needs to do something about this.
  • To the reader who said they would gladly give up their rights to own a semi-automatic weapon: What other rights are you willing to give up? This is an incredibly dangerous road you are willing to go down.
  • I read with great interest about the new Mexican Restaurant on the West Side of Charleston. But you left out the address so how can you expect people to locate it? Please make a comment in the paper as to where we can find it.
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: The restaurant is located at 711 Bigley Ave.
  • The purpose of owning a semi-automatic weapon is to make sure the people can keep and bear arms, but also to make sure the government doesn't get too big to override the people.


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