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Your vents, Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2012

  • Got to love backwoods West Virginia. It is the only state where school-zone lights flash on and off on holidays and weekends. No wonder there is such a waste of money. They don't spend it like they should. They even do it on weeks there is no school at all.

  • Graduating from college summa cum laude means you are book smart. Being book smart and having common sense are two completely different issues.
  • Would you really want to see police officers out on the streets and in the schools every day with assault rifles? I wouldn't, but it is going to come to that because a pistol just won't do any good if the bad guy has an assault rifle.
  • Obama and Reid are two of the most egotistical, self-serving and nasty people within this fiscal cliff fiasco. Obama thinks all of his plans are the way to go, and he won't consider anything Boehner has. America will go over the cliff and we will blame Obama, not Boehner.
  • Somebody needs to tell Pete Thaw that if he needs a way to cut spending in Kanawha County to avoid a deficit, he should quit giving big raises to people like Ron Duerring and George Beckett.
  • NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre is the devil incarnate. Thank you.
  • I wish they would make stiffer penalties for thieves. It needs to be harsher and put them away in jail.
  • Well, West Virginians, it is finally factual. You are for sale because Patrick Morrisey bought the attorney general's office - lock, stock and barrel - with his personal wealth.
  • To all gun control advocates: If they outlaw all semi-automatic weapons, mass killings will stop. Laugh out loud. That is like saying if we outlaw crack, there won't be any crack heads. Pull your heads out and think things through. If you outlaw the semi-automatic weapons, only three types of people will have them.
  • Kudos to South Charleston's garbage collectors, but you shouldn't have to use your own vehicle to do it. You also should not ride the back of a garbage truck without a harness. It isn't very safe on MacCorkle Avenue or on South Charleston's side streets.
  • I went to school for 12 years. School starting dates should be left alone. We never got a snow day years ago. What is wrong with these kids nowadays?
  • Please pray for the kindergarten kids who are returning to school with a heartache from losing their classmates in the Newtown shooting, and also their parents. Earth's loss was heaven's gain.
  • How can anyone say John McCain isn't a hero? Everyone who has fought for our country's freedom is a hero. John McCain was caught, captured and locked up for years as a POW. Were you one of them?
  • Thanks to the Doonesbury comic strip for chopping up Fox News' phony "War on Christmas." Doonesbury is one of the reasons I subscribe to the Daily Mail.
  • Our right to bear arms was designed so that the citizenry would have the ability to defend themselves from criminals, outside invaders, and yes, an over-reaching tyrannical government. I'm just not sure, in the present, which is the biggest threat.
  • If you are healthy and fail to work to pay your own way through life and hold out your hand and expect the working people to supply your needs then, yes, you are a deadbeat. You should look in the mirror and see the biggest problem our nation has today. You.

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