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Your vents, Friday, Dec. 28, 2012

  • I think any law that bans so-called assault weapons in the United States should contain a clause that all foreign aid be cut off to any country that allows their citizens to possess the same type of weapon.

  • The man who shot the firemen in New York was not legally allowed to possess a gun. What does this tell us about the proposed anti-gun laws and their use in keeping guns out of the hands of killers?
  • I will sign on and support any gun law our naive politicians want to pass once they explain to me how their posturing, rhetoric, and nice speeches will convince outlaws like the drug-peddling thugs on the West Side to surrender their guns, respect the law and become model, peace-loving citizens. Until that time, I will protect my family by any means necessary.
  • I agree that people kill people, but if people didn't have assault weapons, they couldn't kill as many people.
  • Guns don't kill, people do: All right already. I get it. And it proves my point. People with guns kill other people. What part of that do you not understand? If guns weren't out there and so readily available, those "people" that you are so fond of blaming wouldn't be able to kill other people.
  • Are your guns so important to you that you would give the lives of 20 innocent children in order to keep them? And what in God's name are you shooting at that you need a gun that can fire 100 bullets in one minute? Assault weapons should be kept in the military, period.
  • Well, Mr. LaPierre, since you asked me to - you're crazy.
  • After decades in the workforce, I can honestly say people working their way from the bottom and into management make much better bosses than these young kids learning to be managers in a four-year college course. You can't be taught how to deal with people from a book.
  • The idiotic Republicans have got themselves into such a corner concerning taxes that they have to vote to raise taxes to avert the largest tax increase in history. Only the terminally stupid could pull a stunt like that.
  • At lunchtime, the firefighters park the fire trucks along the street across from Charleston Town Center, where nobody should be parking. What a shame they have to harass citizens by begging for money.
  • Does Hillary think everyone is going to forget a U.S. ambassador was killed? She can forget about running for president.
  • I just went to see "Lincoln." It was a very good movie, and Daniel Day Lewis' portrayal of Abe was excellent. It will probably earn Lewis an Oscar nomination. The movie is rated PG-13 with very little bad language with one exception.
  • Man of the year. Go Obama, go Obama. Eat your heart out, Mitt.
  • How much longer are the American people going to allow the moronic idiots to run this country as they continually demonstrate their total lack of competence?
  • I am totally opposed to Congress changing anything about my Social Security and Medicare. These are paid-for programs and should not be in the cliff battle. I need my little annual cost of living raise.
  • My daughter and granddaughter graduated from college summa cum laude and they, like most West Virginia voters, cast their ballot for Mitt Romney. I am so proud of them.
  • I believe Nikita Khrushchev was right in 1959 when he said the U.S. was using socialism in small but constant doses and that one day we'd wake up to a weakened economy and find we have communism and that we'd fall like overripe fruit. Is this the country our citizens want?

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