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Your vents, Tuesday, Jan. 1

  • All of the people who are for the "right to work" need to apologize now to future grandchildren and great grandchildren. They will receive lower wages, no benefits or retirement. All of the saved money will go to the salaries of the CEOs.

  • The state is awarding Constellium employees with unemployment benefits. These people were striking. No wonder businesses shy away from West Virginia.
  • I heard they had mistletoe over the luggage rack at Yeager Airport. All you do is come in, drop your luggage off and kiss it goodbye.
  • Sure other embassies have been attacked, but never before did the president and all of his at-will employees embark on a cover-up of the reason for the attacks. This was a 9/11 attack, pure and simple. The Internet video that the president tried to blame the attack on had nothing to do with it. The ambassador had asked for protection for months, and his requests were ignored.
  • To the person griping about the Putnam Ice Rink: At least they are trying to offer a low-cost activity to residents. People like you are so spoiled, it is amazing.
  • Yes, I do remember Manchin saying he would serve out his second term if Byrd's seat became available. Liar Joe should have been made to pay for the special election that he created.
  • The Federal Reserve System is not federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate.
  • Did any of you rabid Manchin fans out there ever have any doubts about who would be picked to replace Marple? It's the good old boys network at its best.
  • Seems like the new sheriff wants to keep it all in the family. This is one of the reasons for two-term limits on sheriff succession. Get 'em out before they get cemented in.
  • There must be an organized gang of Democrats who make sure there are weekly negative vents about Shelley Moore Capito in the newspaper. Nothing specific is said, but there is always a slam. There must be a lot of people who like her because she keeps winning elections.
  • Shelley Moore Capito and the other Republicans in Congress criticize President Obama for increasing the national debt. Did you know that her hero, Ronald Reagan, tripled the national debt? In fact, the only president to balance the federal budget was a Democrat  - Slick Willy Clinton.
  • The Columbia Gas pipeline explosion was much more damaging than the Bayer explosion. Will Kent Carper and others now try to remove Columbia Gas from West Virginia?
  • Good job, W.Va. DOH for the fast repair of Interstate 77 after the pipeline fire. Now, can you please install a crosswalk at Kanawha Turnpike and Chestnut Street for the safety of South Charleston High School students, as the city and school has been asking for years?
  • To the person who said that the only reason Bill Clinton had a surplus when he left office was because he listened to his smart Republican Congress: George W. Bush had the same Republican Congress when he was selected president, so what happened then?
  • If you voted for Obama, you are not informed on the issues. I don't care how smart you think you are.
  • My dear, late father always said that the bleeding hearts gave Saddam too much time to hide the WMDs that we all knew he had and had used on his own people. He always said that the weapons went to Syria. Looks like he was right all along.
  • It looks like Toyota wants quantity over quality - so much for the billion-dollar settle-up.
  • I've been on the "do-not-call" list for years. I still receive calls from people bumming money. Someone told me to get on the government do-not-call list. I did that and was free of it for about two weeks. Now the calls have started again. What do you have to do to be rid of these calls?
  • Companies have robbed all the BTUs from natural gas. Very little heat comes from natural gas now. Will the government ever put a stop to companies ripping off the consumer?
  • I will go before Judge Watkins next month. If he starts screaming at me and carrying on, I have my West Virginia Judicial Complaint form and I will stand right there and fill it out in front of him.
  • To all of the good people in West Virginia, I urge you to join the National Rifle Association. Obama and his men are trying to take our rights away. I just paid my dues and sent them an extra $1,000 along with it. Have a good day.
  • After reading about the grandmother who isn't allowed to see her grandchildren, I can feel her hurt because I'm not allowed to see some of mine. These parents will be sorry some day when they are grandparents and this is done to them.
  • Please remember our American Indians on these reservations in the Northwest. They really need our help.
  • If Charleston's police can't handle the crime here, why don't they bring in the cops who are on television? They will straighten things up.
  • Thanks to Target for accepting glass for recycling.
  • I want to comment about the section in the paper about child abuse lawyers complaining about only making $45 to $65 an hour and needing a raise. First of all, I'd like to praise the work they are doing. That is a good thing. Now try making only minimum wage. If I made what they are making per hour, I'd be in great shape. I wouldn't have any problems.
  • The Christmas lights at Coonskin weren't worth driving to see, but the lights at Cedar Lakes were awesome, and I mean awesome.
  • Whose responsibility is it to keep the streetlights working on the Kanawha City Bridge and up through MacCorkle Avenue past the hospital? They've been out for quite a while, and it is dark and very dangerous. Someone needs to get on the ball and get those streetlights working.
  • We in the United States are blessed to enjoy the right to live in the greatest country on earth. That right to life trumps even the right to bear arms. Be cautious about having guns where children are.

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