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Your vents, Wednesday, Jan. 2

  • I think that firemen should be armed with guns since they are first responders.

  • Connecting Trace Fork with Jefferson Road may help get traffic out of the Trace Fork area, but it will dump even more traffic onto Jefferson Road at MacCorkle Avenue's railroad crossing.  
  • I heard a Ravenswood police officer say on the radio that they are allowed to break the law to respond to a call. I wonder, does anyone know if that is true or not? Are law enforcement officers allowed to break the law?
  • I've seen it all now. With everything else that is wrong, we are worried about the Mountaineer mascot killing a bear with a musket and not wearing blaze orange. This is unbelievable.
  • I keep watching the box scores for the results of Marshall's bowl game. Then someone informs me that they are non-qualifiers again.
  • It is 7 p. m. on Thursday, Dec. 28. We are at a big retail store in Cross Lanes. Every time we go up to a certain checkout clerk, she says she her line is closed. There are at least 25 people waiting to check out. It looks like they have four lines open but it is really three lanes because of that clerk.
  • Last year, you published the name of the school that would be interested in receiving old Christmas cards. Would you put it in here again please?
  • Quit bellyaching about Obama's Christmas vacation. He is entitled to a vacation. He is a human being like the rest of us.
  • Barack Obama is the most deficient leader in modern American history. His spending is what is putting us over the cliff.  
  • The DOH needs to look at the traffic problem in Hurricane. It takes at least 15 minutes to exit the interstate and is worse than Cross Lanes used to be. We need another exit or a solution to this problem.
  • To the fan from West Virginia talking about Marshall: You are probably a fan who never took a class at WVU like most of their fans. Their fans come from up the holler and through the woods.
  • I voted for Obama, and all of my Christmas lights are shining straight and bright, and all of the people in my home are college graduates, and that is why we voted for Obama.
  • Obama can sign bills from anywhere, even on vacation. You need to Google presidents and vacation. President Bush took more vacation than any other one in history.  
  • We do have a social problem, but people have always acted like this. The only difference is back then, we did not have 24/7 media coverage.
  • Why is everything you see made in China? No wonder we are going under.
  • Mountaineers are always free. Even though you lost, don't give up. You have very loyal fans. There is always next year.
  • A simple solution to the schools invaded by gunmen is to put a back door on the classrooms. The ones on upper floors could have exit ramps. That way, the children will have a way out.
  • West Virginia had a patriotic coach who gave us three seasons of 9-4. Now we have an egotistical, immoral, self-centered coach. I hope everyone likes this progress brought to us by Oliver Luck.
  • Regarding the most disturbing news bulletin on creating disease in the laboratory: Scientists are not God. If this is the only way to know whether new and deadly diseases can develop, we can let loose the deadly monsters themselves.

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