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Your vents, Thursday, Jan. 3

  • I'm sorry that the Herman comic won't be back. The man who drew the strip for years passed away.

  • To the caller who said voting for Democrats would keep us the last in everything: I'm 82 years old, and with every Democrat president we have had, we did OK. We had jobs and a surplus of money and didn't owe other countries. Look at the Bush era and what happened then - thanks, Republicans.
  • Every time a law is passed, the government gets stronger and the people get weaker.
  • The reason Obama doesn't do anything about entitlements, especially welfare, is because he wants us all to be on the welfare rolls. But fraud is running rampant, and I know people who brag about working the system.
  • The 112th Congress is the least productive one since the 1940s, and that shows you what is wrong with Washington, D.C. It is the Congress.
  • I am proud to say I voted for George W. Bush twice. The country was doing fine until the Democrat majority in 2006. If you are proud to have voted for Obama, you must be getting a handout.
  • I see where WVU fans ran their mouth about Marshall losing. Then their team fell apart in the bowl game. They still can't win.
  • I think it is odd that if a person gets a DUI, you can't buy a gun for a year. If you get an aggravated DUI, you can't buy a gun for two years. If you have a mental health problem, you can buy a gun because it doesn't show up on the FBI background check because of the Privacy Act.
  • I guarantee that Bill Stewart would have beat Syracuse. It will be a great day in the state of West Virginia when Holgorsen and Luck pack up and move back to Texas.
  • I sure would like to get a 20 percent increase in my pay. My raises are never close to that much. Why should any utility get a raise like that? Don't their head honchos ever listen to the news? It is full of the unemployed, and those of us who have jobs are just barely making it now as it is.
  • If our government could somehow take all the wealth of America's wealthy, it would hardly make a dent in our debt. The Democrats do not want to pay down the debt threatening our country. They just want to fund more spending. What a sad end to a once-great country.
  • West Virginia needs to become "un-Luck-y." Let Oliver go.
  • I am very disappointed to see pictures of Syracuse Orangemen on the front page of the Sunday Gazette-Mail's sports page and really disappointed to see it the next day. The Mountaineers were qualified to go to that bowl game and I'm sure there were good moments where you could have found better pictures to put in the paper.
  • This president is the most selfish, egotistical one we've had. He interrupts programs just for a few notes. He has to be on the television.
  • Apparently the West Virginia American Water Company's water line on Woodland Drive below Nitro is leaking once again. When is the PSC going to force them to replace this water line? It is ridiculous.
  • I fought in Korea with an M-1 rifle that had a clip of only five. If it takes a deer hunter and an assault rifle with a clip of 30 to shoot at something that can't shoot back, they have a problem.
  • If things don't improve dramatically, WVU faithful will be calling for a change from Luck on down to the water boy.


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