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Your vents, Monday, Jan. 6

n I've been a hunter for 40 years. It's not going to help to ban assault rifles. If someone crazy wants to kill people, he or she will find a gun somewhere or find some other way to do it. But I'm not going to freak out like a lot of other hunters and gun owners are doing about Obama and others taking our guns.

  • I would like to thank my newspaper customers in Marmet and Hernshaw for their generosity and thoughts at Christmas time. It was greatly appreciated.
  • I have $10 that says this "nationwide" search for a state school superintendent will not go outside of Kanawha County.
  • Not one West Virginian has been listed as winning the Mega Millions Lotto since 2002. That is as far back as it goes so I say West Virginians need to boycott it and stick with Powerball because we know that West Virginians can win that.
  • The firing of a first-class administrator in West Virginia education is actually of interest to parents. We are sick of politics first in West Virginia's power-obsessed, cheap and tawdry. Thank you.
  • Do you think the government treats working people right? I worked for 61 years of my life. I know people on SSI who get as much as I do, and they also get free health insurance. What is right about this system?
  • Bush bashers should give it a rest. He may have taken more vacations than Obama, but it didn't cost $4 million each time like Obama and his group costs.
  • I don't think this president is going to get the message about spending until our bonds are downgraded to junk bond status.
  • Oliver Luck is a smart and savvy businessman. He knows running a major college athletic program like WVU is like running a $100 million-a-year company. If sales of tickets drop in either football or basketball, he will make appropriate changes in the coaching staffs. There is no love affair when it comes to the revenues. So WVU faithful don't get antsy. I think we are in good hands with Luck.
  • To all of you scabs out there who think you are the hardest workers in the world, your company has you right where they want you. You are working long hours for low wages and no benefits. That is what happens when you have no backbone.
  • The medium income for West Virginia is $43,000? I make $4,808 a year. Try living on that and being taxed.
  • It would be good at this time since we are starting a new year for the able-bodied people who get giveaways to join society and start earning your own living.
  • They should leave Winfield High School's gate unlocked so people could exercise on that track.
  • I agree with the caller who said to leave school days alone. When I was in school, we started the day after Labor Day and we were out Memorial weekend, which was great.  We didn't have snow days, and we didn't get a spring break.
  • A reader said we need to elect people with common sense to office. The only problem with that is anyone with any common sense does not want to put up with the dysfunction of public office.
  • The "deal" allowing tax cuts to continue will be paid for by your children and grandchildren - enjoy them. 


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