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Your vents, Tuesday, Jan. 8

  • A great deal of the problems seem to be the overriding concern of politicians, particularly representatives, for re-election and their need to appease potential campaign contributors and other special interests.

  • I contend that there is no solution to the problem of mass shootings. It is just something we will have to live with. More gun control laws will not work, banning guns will just lead to a lucrative black market in guns, making the war on drugs look like a farce, and we can't keep watch on all the people with mental health problems. This being a free society; it is what it is.
  • Corporations pay no taxes. Every cent they are taxed is passed on to us. Eliminate all corporate income tax now, create jobs and don't raise our personal tax through the roof. Now is the time for the tax plan.
  • Fifteen children died because of abuse in West Virginia this year; where is the outrage? If one died in a school shooting, the whole nation would be upset.
  • Government programs are full of fraud. Voter ID makes sense. Race has nothing to do with it, and the ones screaming racism are the ones who need to look in the mirror and reconsider who the racists are.  
  •   How is the NRA boss, Wayne LaPierra, going to justify a 6-year-old little girl being shot 11 times by an assault rifle that the NRA cherishes?
  • I agree with the caller. If a parent gets food stamps to feed their children but send them to school to eat two meals a day, they should have their food stamps reduced. We should not have to pay twice to feed the same people.
  • The overriding intention of the Constitutional Convention was to produce a more effective and workable arrangement than provided by the Articles of Confederation. The delegates, and those involved in ratifying the Constitution, would surely be appalled by the recent impasse in Washington.


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