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Your vents, Wednesday, Jan. 9

  • To the person who said nothing was stated about the slaughter at Waco: That is because the government did the killing. They are exempt from all the useless laws they pass for us. If it were you doing the killing at Waco, where would you be now?
  • The state's so called "flagship university," WVU, has managed to embarrass the state again by allowing Syracuse University to make it a "3peat" over the Mountaineers. One word - overrated.
  • "Those who would give up an essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin
  • To the person who sent the NRA an extra $1,000, all I can say is: "A fool and his money are soon parted." Have a happy day.
  • To those bashing unions, do they not realize they live in a country that itself is a union? This very nation was formed as a union to band together against British tyranny and to secure rights for every member, which is no different from the purpose of a labor union.
  • U.S. Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte have been on the TV for weeks condemning the murder of four Americans in Libya. Where are they now? Don't they care about 6- and 7-year-old children murdered in the United States? Maybe it's because the NRA bribes them with blood money.
  • When I ask myself how anyone could possibly think that a Hollywood actor would make a good senator, I remember that Ronald Reagan, a third-rate actor, was twice elected president, and the George W. Bush presidency was a Hollywood production right from the start. Conservatives hate Hollywood liberals but love Hollywood conservatives.
  • Would everyone who is against guns be required to post a "gun-free zone" sign on their homes and cars so I know that I am safe around them?
  • I see where the new Edgewood elementary site is ready for construction. They even have a start on a swimming hole out front.
  • I hope Rex Ryan is happy. He went with a loser and lost. Go Tebow.
  • Jorea Marple is suing the school board because she was humiliated? Please, after reading the article in Friday's Daily Mail, it sounds like she needs a good therapist instead of clogging up our courts with another lawsuit.
  • The murder case in Arizona where the girlfriend killed her boyfriend, slashed and stabbed him and said it was self-defense, I don't buy it. I think her boyfriend was the one being abused, and when he tried to break up with her, she went ballistic and killed him. It was not self-defense.


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