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Your vents, Thursday, Jan. 10

  • Is the PSC going to do the water company like they did Century Aluminum and tell them since they own their own business they have to run it on their own?

  • My grandson runs a small business. This new law that they passed will cost him and his wife $2,500 a year in new taxes. Thanks, Mr. Obama.
  • Please publish the name of the school that takes old Christmas cards and recycles them.
  • Shelley Moore Capito has always had a bunch of nobodies to run against her, and that is why she keeps getting re-elected.
  • I'm tired of it. We pay the best money for our television service, satellites and cable. Every time a program comes to an interesting point, they cut it off for a commercial. I can't stand it, and I think they should do something about it.
  • After reading your article about spending hurting the road fund, I wonder why the gas company isn't responsible for paying to fix the Interstate and the rest of the damage their pipeline explosion caused.
  • You are just one workout away from a good mood.
  • Marshall fans don't have to say a thing to embarrass West Virginia. They are doing plenty well on their own, and next year they will be even worse. Way to go, WVU, you got what you cheered for, so congratulations.
  • Since when did tax breaks mean complete salvation for all?
  • "Buckwild" is disgusting and paints West Virginia in a bad light. Most people think we are barefoot, ignorant and hillbillies, and this show proves the point.
  • Thank you to the group Dog Bless that rescues homeless dogs. I wish I had some money to contribute to your cause. Thank you for what you do.
  • "Buckwild" was nothing but good clean country fun. Shame on the politicians and high hatters who want to ban it. The only thing wrong was they didn't show a God-given grapevine swing.
  • Thanks to everyone in Kanawha Valley who adopted animals in December during the attack. Remember there are still good dogs there who need to be adopted all year long.
  • Dump all Washington politicians into the Potomac River.
  • "Anna Karenina" wasn't released in any movie theater in the entire state. Now the FDR movie isn't shown within 50 miles of here. What a cultural wasteland we are living in.
  • There were some new people being sworn in both the U.S. Senate and the House. The House has to continue to keep Obama from being a bully and a pusher. He has always done that. If he doesn't get what he wants, he goes above the heads of Congress. That is illegal.
  • How can people have Medicare and Medicaid at the same time? This doesn't make sense and should be looked into and dealt with, as well as SSI benefits going up.
  • Remember Capito and McKinley in 2014. Vote against them as they did for our taxes to be raised.
  • To the caller who said he fought in Korea with a five-shot M1 rifle, the M1 is a top-load, eight-round metal clip that ejects when you shoot it empty. I've never seen a five-round M1. Either he didn't fight in Korea or he is mistaken about the clip.
  • Dr. Marple is filing a lawsuit because she wants her job back at the state Department of Education. Let's see a show of hands of those at the department who want her back. I count maybe five.
  • Thank you, Sens. Manchin and Rockefeller, for taking up for the middle class.
  • A boy from "Buckwild" appeared on the "Today Show" on Jan. 3. He left no doubt of his ignorance when he used a double negative. It reflected on his lack of scholarly achievement, his parents' negative influence and that of his teachers and high school. How can he be proud of himself?
  • Why does the city of South Charleston's administration keep a man on board who sleeps all day and then "raises Cain" with all the others and gets paid for it?
  • I saw Manchin's picture in the paper getting sworn in again. It is a shame that West Virginians are so ignorant, we keep voting for the same people. That includes Rockefeller and Capito.
  • Fox News ran a story on a man who had a heart attack and the dispatcher and the daughter were the heroes. The real heroes were the paramedics who kept this man alive until he got to the hospital. And the doctors and nurses were the heroes at the hospital. The real heroes were left out of this story.
  • Come on, get real - how many people are there who make $400,000 a year and still consider themselves to be middle class? Get a life.
  • Thanks to the Daily Mail for the Vent Line so that citizens like me can vent their feelings and problems.
  • You treat people the way you perceive them to be. Even honest people do that. That is the danger of prejudice.

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