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Your vents for Monday, January 14

  • The entire Congress needs to relocate to the North Pole. That is the full-time residence of the mystical one who gives toys to all without cost.

  • Do political appointees have free reign? Neither Democrat nor Republican legislators or the governor spoke up to hold the State Board of Education accountable for their actions regarding the misuse of no bid contracts and the firing of Dr. Marple. Politics as usual have hit rock bottom in West Virginia. Is Manchin still governor? Appears so. Tomblin, where's your brass?
  • To the person who fought in Korea with a M1 that only held 5 rounds: Either you weren't real smart or you still needed to learn to count. The M1 Garand has always held eight rounds in its magazine. From World War II on, eight rounds. I doubt you really ever fought in Korea or were ever really in the military. Real soldiers know their weapons inside and out, and you don't.
  • So, you're proud of voting for George W. Bush twice. Proud of voting for a war-time deserter. Proud of voting for the person who, through his arrogance, allowed the attacks of 9/11 to happen. Proud of voting for the person who attacked Iraq for no reason, resulting in the deaths of more than 4,000 Americans and untold thousands of Iraqi civilians. Yeah, I'd be proud, too.
  • If the person commenting about his M1 rifle really did serve in Korea, he would know an M1 holds eight rounds, not five.
  • Jorea Marple has taken off her mask and tells us she feels she should have taxpayers' money rather than let it go to the education of our students. Shame on her. I was feeling sorry for her up until she pulled this. 
  • The new "fiscal cliff" deal is like Obamacare part two. Half the lawmakers voting for it have no clue what's buried in the fine print.
  • It amazes me that people who accept political jobs get so upset when they get fired. Any time you take a political position, you should be smart enough up front to know that you can be let go at any time for any reason - it's just part of the game.
  • I so agree with your stand, "This isn't about Marple; it's about West Virginia kids." Our children have not done well under her leadership. She is unable to think of anything else? Really? Get over yourself and make yourself available to those who have real problems.
  • Obama had better not go fooling with the Constitution when it comes to us bearing our arms. We have that right to protect us from the type of government we now have. He has already smashed parts of the Constitution and done his own thing.
  • Thank you, Judge Zakaib, for sentencing Ron Montgomery to 16 years in prison on Jan. 8. That is the maximum sentence for his child pornography perversion.
  • The action by the Parkersburg teacher of putting the student in a box shows that special needs children really need to be in separate educational situations with teachers who are specially trained to handle them.
  • The DOH needs to look at the crowded Hurricane Interstate exit and entrance ramps. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to exit in the evening. This is what Cross Lanes used to be like and they fixed it. Why can't they do this for Hurricane?
  • Holgorsen receives too much for what he knows. He isn't suited nor does he have the experience to be a head coach. He needs to be re-evaluated.
  • That program on MTV called "Buckwild" has got to be the stupidest, most ignorant show there ever was. It just downgrades West Virginia. It is not just filmed in Sissonville. It was filmed in Poca, Eleanor and South Charleston. I have to agree with Joe Manchin.


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