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Your vents for Wednesday, January 16

  • The Big 12 had nine teams playing in bowl games. They won five and lost four.  Of course West Virginia was one of the teams that lost. So I don't think the Big 12 is so big after all, are they?

  • The New Year's Eve gospel sing at Riverside High School was the greatest New Year's Eve gospel sing I've ever attended.
  • Regarding talking about cuts to teachers and curriculum and budget cuts: How do George Beckett and Ron Duerring and the other ones in high offices get raises? That is part of the problem.
  • Washington, D.C. is merely a reflection of us. We have the wonderful system of capitalism that rules us. That is well served in Washington, D.C. where the smartest, brightest, most "deserving" benefit by connections to government, lobbyists and the go-getters. No one rats out the others because of the benefits that most of them receive. If you don't get that, you don't get anything about America.
  • Attention middle school girls' basketball: Why do you let them play when they don't practice? If they all practice, they all play. If you don't practice, you don't get to play. Don't lie.
  • Charleston City Council should get rid of Bill Kirk because he won't represent his ward. Get someone else who will represent us. Evidently he has decided not to attend any more meetings. We don't need anyone like that on city council.
  • Ed Pastilong would not make a good leader. He only does what is necessary. He just wants to be able to retire from the state with an additional pension. They would be foolish to hire him to head the DMV.
  • We should reduce the food stamps received by families who send their children to school hungry and the school feeds them two meals a day. This is double dipping again.
  • How could AIG pay back $182 billion in four years? If that is true, maybe we need those people in Washington running the government.
  • One of the biggest law firms in Charleston doesn't even tip when you deliver lunch to their offices. How pitiful is that?
  • President Obama has been truly successful at becoming the firearms salesman of the year.
  • I miss Robert Byrd. He knew the entire Constitution word for word. We need another Robert Byrd. This current president is trying to take the document away from us.
  • You neglected to mention that George Bush also allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • The NRA's proposal concerning keeping the mentally ill from buying guns could backfire, as many of those who have to have hundreds of guns are probably mentally ill. That would really hurt their membership dues, which is what they really are about - money.
  • Those complaining about Obama supposedly violating the Constitution should read the so-called "Patriot Act" that George W. Bush pushed through a GOP Congress. The government can monitor your phone calls and read your emails, all without a warrant. This is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, but I don't hear any conservative "patriots" screaming about this. Until then you have no validity criticizing Obama about the Constitution.
  • Americans continue to be shielded from the real cost of our government. As long as the Federal Reserve keeps printing Monopoly money and as long as the Chinese pick up the tab for our credit card, we will continue to live in the land of denial.
  • The reason Republicans want to cut funds for public education is that they want all kids to be as ignorant as they are. That way they might vote Republican when they are adults.


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