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Your vents, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013

  • Tell me why I should help pay for a president's vacation. He makes a lot more than I do, and no one pays for my vacations. Presidents pay, or did pay, for their own food at the White House. Tell me why the taxpayer is obliged to pay for extravagant vacations. Have you been to Hawaii? Then you shouldn't pay for any government employee to go there.
  • Of course the NRA was disappointed in the meeting with Vice President Joe Biden at the White House. The only way they would have been pleased would have been if Biden had said the only way to stop mass shootings is to give everybody in America a gun, unlimited ammo, and a license to kill.
  • Shame on those that throw out all the litter on Strawberry Road in St. Albans. As fast as the Adopt-a-Highway volunteers clean it up, more is thrown out the next day. Where is your West Virginia pride?
  • I just got my first payroll check of the new year - yes, I work for a living. This new wonderful fiscal cliff deal just cost me an additional $1,674 dollars a year in taxes.
  • I will bash presidential vacations as long as I have to help pay for them.
  • Although they are old, wrinkled and their hair is white, your mamaw and papaw love you with all of their might. Grandparents are God's gift to kids. Visit them whenever you can. Don't let Mom and Dad tear you apart. Keep love in your heart.
  • The state Board of Education should not pay Dr. Marple anything for her frivolous lawsuit. If they do these things with the taxpayers' money, it is the children they will be robbing.
  • If there is anything a real conservative Republican hates, it is a turncoat
  • Republican with no backbone.
  • The world is in bad shape. You go to any store and people are absolutely grouchy, moody and everything else. If they don't like their job, why don't they quit?
  • Concerning Long John Silver's looking for a new location, tell them to please consider Elkview. We need a fish place in this area.
  • Oliver Luck must have gotten some heat when Holgorsen wanted to fire Steve Dunlap, who is the last true Mountaineer. Now they just want to demote him. Steve should leave now because Holgorsen and his staff will be leaving soon.
  • The real reason the founders of the United States put the Second Amendment in was so that the people would always be able to overthrow a tyrant. Our leaders are afraid of us, the common, ordinary law-abiding citizens. Keep our Second Amendment rights, and keep the United States free.
  • It seems as though every time I go squirrel hunting, my cellphone rings. That is why it takes me more than five rounds to hit the little varmint.
  • I'm about to break the law for the first time in my 49 years. I have chronic pain but it isn't every day or all day. I'm not a good candidate for the pain clinic. My doctor will not manage any chronic pain. I'm going to buy the drugs illegally. Doctors don't want to be pill mill doctors, but it is another thing not to treat legitimate patients.
  • The DOH needs to look into the Hurricane interchange, do a study and do something to fix the clogged traffic there.
  • Judy Wagoner's opinion on the shooting at the Sandy Hook school is exactly right. She will step on a lot of people's toes.
  • When President Obama says we don't have a spending problem, what he is trying to say is that regardless of the amount, he doesn't have a problem spending it.
  • I cannot believe some members of Congress actually are interested in shutting down the U.S. government. Who do they think they are? Such a position is not only immoral but is downright criminal. If our government's representatives are not smart enough to keep our government running, they should be removed from their jobs.
  • To you people in St. Albans and Nitro: Quit whining about the bridge being closed. Be thankful your bridge is being fixed. I don't think you want it to go down like the Silver Bridge did.
  • It is rough on kids when Mom and Dad divorce, but it is worse on them when their grandparents divorce. The kids are in limbo, and they can't take sides.
  • Capito and McKinley showed their real interests by voting against the middle class. Remember them in 2014.
  • Thank God, no more Rockefeller. Now if we can just get rid of the Manchins, the state of West Virginia would be in great shape.


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