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Your vents for Friday, January 18

  • Those of us not picking up children shouldn't have to wait in these lines around schools. This is ridiculous. I don't care if you are picking up a kid or not.

  • How about another Dairy Queen in the Charleston area?
  • I commend the comments about the picture of Jesus, but there is a brief description of what Jesus may have looked like in Isaiah 53:2.
  • I read that the city of Charleston is developing a new neighborhood park in the East End at a total cost of nearly a million dollars. Neighbors don't even want it. The crime lords want it.
  • I'm thrilled to see the police departments in our state are taking their guns and ending problems in their communities and eliminating these stupid men from our lives. Thank you.
  • Who in the DHHR is responsible to check whether the children whose families receive food stamps are actually using their food stamps to feed the children? We are feeding these children at least two meals a day in the schools. Could someone check into this and save us a lot of money?
  • I don't mind giving blood at Women's and Children's Hospital now, but the Red Cross needs to stamp our parking tickets.
  • I hope a baseball scholarship will be established at W.Va. State in memory of trooper Eric Workman, who was killed in the line of duty. He was a graduate there, he was a standout on the baseball team and he was a fine young man whose life was cut short.
  • It is no wonder our schools aren't safe when an 18-year-old is at South Central Jail in the morning on drug charges and then in the afternoon he walks into high school and they have to enroll him.
  • Companies advertise new prescription drugs on television. They tell you how great they are and then tell you bad things like your blood sugar can go up and you can die from taking them. It is absurd.
  • WCHS TV lost a good one when they lost Deborah Linz. She was another Diane Sawyer. They can't afford to lose many more like her.
  • I think it is only fair that the people on the Medicaid program have to pay a co-pay. Every time I go to the doctor, I have to pay one. They shouldn't be able to get everything for free.
  • To the anti-union Republican who called in, he is a scab and is only jealous of what I make and what my pension will be. Keep on voting Republican all your life because you'll never have anything.
  • If and when people submit writing to the paper, they should submit a recent picture of themselves. Deception is dishonest and we have enough of that in the world.
  • I think CEO's need to become accustomed to less. May sound communistic to you, but they take the cake, they take your cake, and they take mine and they eat them all. 
  • Is there anywhere in Charleston where you can go and learn gun safety, how to get a permit and how to learn to shoot? I really want to do this. I don't feel safe where I live and I need protection.
  • In 2008 there were 14 states with voting fraud and then in 2012 Obama was voted in by illegal immigrants and foreigners. So yes, Obama was handed the presidency.
  • I've been listening to the debates against assault rifles. Once they take them away they will go after something else so we can't defend ourselves. Either the U.S. will be free or be communist, but we will have to fight for our freedom.


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