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Your Vents, Monday, Jan. 21

* My whole family worked in the mines. It causes me to feel sorry for the miners that are about to lose their pensions due to these Republicans. The same party is trying to destroy the postal system now. Why don't they ask Capito how she feels about their pensions?

* They can pass all the new laws and executive orders they want to and it won't make a bit of difference. There are already too many guns, weapons and munitions already out there.

* God bless Philip Dunn for his letter in Tuesday's paper. Truer words were never spoken, and I believe in God, too.

* I thought the laws on the books to cover guns were sufficient. Among the things I didn't realize was the fact that Republicans had taken the teeth out of some of the strongest of the laws.

* What are teachers supposed to do? They are not only teachers; they've made them nurses and now they want them to carry guns and be security guards and policemen. Give our teachers a break, and let them teach.

* I believe they need new managers at the utility companies who know how to handle money.

* To the brass at Kaiser Aluminum in Ravenswood, I've always heard a happy employee is a productive employee. On the shift where you don't see your family, it makes you unhappy and disgruntled. What you need is a good old-fashioned wildcat strike.

* What makes us think that WVU's defense will improve when most of the new coaches hired were fired from their previous coaching jobs? I think we are scraping the bottom until Holgorsen is let go in another year or two. Then it will take another two or three years to rebuild it then.

* If Joe Manchin wasn't so dangerous, we could just label him as silly. Why does he keep opposing these so-called new ideas that President Obama has already talked about?

* This is to the two ladies in Glasgow who stuck behind an 18-wheeler on U.S. 60 to get to a school bus to get their children, even though their children weren't even on the bus. Then they gave the bus driver a double bird. That is sad.

* Aren't all presidents and their children guarded when they are out and about? It isn't just our current president's family. Get a grip.

* I sincerely hope that a baseball scholarship will be established at West Virginia State University in memory of Trooper Eric Workman, who was killed in the line of duty.

* Why doesn't Sen. Manchin just go ahead and become a Republican in name also?  I agree with you. We need more Republicans in the Senate.

* Shame on the NRA.

* I think the first sign of mental illness is making people like Wayne LaPierre and David Koresh your heroes. Remember Timothy McVeigh's little tantrum down in Oklahoma City?

* Since when has the United States been led by a dictator? The primary responsibility of our executive branch of government is to carry out and enforce the laws passed by the Senate and the House. It is not the purview of the "executive" to make laws. Wake up America.

* Former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum is considering another run for president in 2016. Other candidates are either quivering in fear or shaking while compressing laughter. I believe I know which.

* We have too much government and powerful politicians who are not held accountable, especially Obama who uses his executive orders to get what he wants. I dread to think of what these next four years will bring.

* Three groups I will never understand: Dog people, gun people and religious people.



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