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Your vents, Jan. 24, 2013

*A person commented they think it is only fair that people on Medicaid have to pay co-pay. Well some of us are truly disabled. We only get $700 a month in SSI and $86 in food stamps. You really need to try living on that awhile before forming an opinion.

* I would like to remind all of the people on the gun law reform bandwagon that the Second Amendment is actually to protect us from our own government.

* EPA Administrator Jackson left office under investigation for using an alias and conducting government business on a fake email account. The press has shown no interest in determining who she was contacting or what they were plotting that had to be hidden from the public. Pretend it was Dick Nixon, and investigate likewise.

* Nitro wasted $10,000 putting locks up at the beautiful boat launch. It wasted money and takes away from the looks of the boat launch.

* What is on at the movies? Let's see - Sylvester Stallone killing people, Arnold Schwarzenegger killing people, Bruce Willis killing people and Russell Crowe killing people.

* After seeing on television that the police are running low on ammunition, heck, I'm willing to donate $100 to them for it. Those guys have been putting their ammo to good use lately. Keep up the good work.

* My neighbor gets food stamps. Her kids come home on Fridays with a backpack full of food to feed them on the weekends. What is my neighbor doing with her food stamps? This is really atrocious.

* To the person who wants a baseball scholarship to be established at WVSU in memory of trooper Eric Workman, who was killed in the line of duty: If you want that to be done, I think you should call a bank and put your money in it to establish the fund, and I'll help you out.

* God bless the man who rescued the dog whose  owner had died. You have a heart of gold.

* I want to compliment the Charleston Newspapers for their recent excellent wild food and nature photographs. The pictures are beautiful and the captions are accurate and informative.

* Which state politicians are responsible for forcing county assessors to raise property appraisals? I want to know who to vote for the next time.

* What good is it to vote for a name for the new West Side school? If they pick a name and a few people don't like it, they will change it anyway, so it is a useless endeavor.

* Here we go again. Another four years of high unemployment, no job growth and bigger government. I hope the Obama maniacs are happy.

* While the president's inauguration was on, I watched Andy Griffith.

* From what I've seen of the Jackson Street apartment that was condemned, the structure problem was the landlord's fault. However, the filth, scabies and bed bugs are the fault of the lazy tenants.

* I have something specific to say about Shelley Moore Capito. She signed the Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes on rich people, and she took money from the Koch brothers who are polluting all kinds of people.



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