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Your vents for Friday, January 25

  • No wonder heroin use is skyrocketing in Putnam County. It is their taxes. They just about have the highest taxes in the state. I don't see how they can pay the taxes they have right now. No wonder they are taking heroin.

  • The state of West Virginia is in a sad state when a judge has to make the parents send their children to school.
  • One thing was proven in this last election. It wasn't bought. If it had been, Mitt Romney would have won. One rich Republican spent $52 million on Romney yet they cry about paying their fair share on taxes.
  • Republicans are so behind in the real world. They don't believe in a decent wage or health care for their employees, or global warming. It is no wonder they lost the election.
  • What has happened to the city of Nitro? I've never seen so much hate in a little town. It was the best city in the state. That has changed. Politics are dirty, and I feel like I'm dealing with Washington.
  • Close to half a million dollars for a party for West Virginia - politicians could have bought a lot of bulletproof vests for our police officers. I think it should be done behind the camera and it wouldn't cost so much.
  • Your so-called illegal war in Iraq was declared by Congress.
  • I was not very old, but I remember the Great Depression. I laugh when I hear people who can't remember any president farther back than Bush.
  • The Friends of Coal is just like the NRA. They are both organizations run by suits and ties pretending to be for the working people. Both organizations are frauds.
  • You keep running the same vents yet I keep calling and my vent is not in. Why doesn't someone look into the nursing program at the University of Charleston? The state desperately needs nurses and the teachers there have failed the students.
  • The presidential inauguration was a gala occasion to many. To me, it seemed to be a celebration of liberalism, big government, and progressivism.
  • I've been watching the hearings on Hillary Clinton on the Libyan attack. If she ever runs for president, I would be afraid to vote for her because she did nothing to cover up for those poor people.
  • I don't mind paying property taxes, but I don't think the kids are getting an education. The building doesn't do the educating, the teachers do.
  • Check the damage that Judge Watkins in Putnam County did. I'm an abused wife still waiting on a divorce who is going to be homeless. Also check into legal aid. I'm broken and homeless.
  • Does anyone remember when about 200 Marines were killed in Beirut, Lebanon when Reagan was president? I think they were sleeping. They were all killed. Where was the security there?
  • So they want women in combat with men? How absurd. God made women to hug and nurture and men to hunt and kill.
  • The national debt did not go down one year during the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton borrowed $245.5 billion from off-budget funds to make a surplus. He borrowed from Social Security and Civil Service retirement funds just to name the two biggest.
  • Good riddance to Rockefeller, who is a man who couldn't make it in the real world and is just a turncoat from New York.
  • NRA President Wayne LaPierre is just frustrated. Let's give him what he really wants, which is the right to marry the gun of his choice.

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