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Your Vents, Monday, Jan. 28

* I'm saving all of the left-leaning newspaper articles in the bathroom. This is in case I run out of toilet paper, because I'm going to get my satisfaction.

* Don't the anti-gun Obamacrats see the correlation between the rise of violence and the liberal left anti-Christian society that has evolved more in the last four years than in the last 40?

* I was on my computer looking at the predator list and I saw someone I knew. He lives within 100 feet of a grade school and less than 1,000 feet from a junior high. How come he hasn't been picked up?

* I think people need self-control more than they need gun control.

* You may not like guns and choose not to use guns - that is your right. You might not believe in God and that is your choice. However, the first thing you will do if someone breaks into your home will be to call someone with a gun and then pray that he gets there in time.

* Immigration reform, gun control and gay marriage are three of the things that Obama talked on. He is out of it and wants to control all of us and make us a communist country.

* Pertaining to the president's inauguration: Martin Luther King would probably turn over in his grave to know that they were using his Bible and pushing gay rights in the same breath.

* It is extremely cold, yet an elementary kid having to stand out and wait on a bus for many minutes is totally uncalled for. Do something about this issue.

* Anyone who believes that God will ever approve of homosexuality is either a fool or a liar.

* The tardiness at the West Side school is the fault of the parents, not the children. And some of those uniforms are expensive.

* I will repeat myself although West Virginians never learn from their mistakes. If Capito gets Rockefeller's seat, West Virginia is in trouble.

* To the caller who predicts Capito will get out of the race if Caperton runs: Think again. If she would run against Rockefeller, she won't hesitate in the least to run against Caperton.

* When the Earth becomes like Sodom and Gomorrah, the end will come.

* If you used all of the money used on the inaugural parties for U.S. governors and the president for infrastructure you would have new roads and jobs instead of hot air at politicians' parties. They spent about $400,000 in West Virginia alone.

* The brightest days ahead are when Obama and his sorry vice president are out of office.  Four more years and we will be rid of them.

* I want to know who at WCHS radio management has gotten so far removed from reality they think we want a three-hour sports program. It is ridiculous. I'll never listen to that station again.

* The president calls for unity to move our nation forward. You know it could possibly happen, but he has to stop giving America away and bringing it to its knees. That is his whole purpose in life.

* The best interest of the children would be to have both of their parents.

* The family structure has been damaged by subsidies of the government. Recipient women think they are independent. This promotes selfishness, unreasonable decisions which choke my children's chances in life.

* I can't believe that no store in Charleston carries Mrs. Smith's mincemeat pies.


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