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Your Vents, Tuesday, Jan. 29

* Those Republicans beat all. Obama has tried for the past four years to reach out to the Republicans with no results. Now that they have lost the election they are wondering why he isn't reaching out to them again.

* To all of you Daniel Boones out there who believe they are actually considering stripping all law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment rights, all they want is to take away machine guns and attack rifles. The Constitution says you have a right to bear arms. Any gun will do. You don't need an assault rifle to protect your home.

* Barack and Michelle Obama are two of the most sarcastic people in Washington that I've ever seen. It is time for them and the government to butt out of people's lives.

* Those of us who are well off financially should be remembering the countless young children who are standing out there in the cold with no gloves or mittens waiting on the school bus. Mittens may be taken to the schools. Help a child.

* Hey Bush bashers, stop living in the past. He has been out of office four years. Don't you read today's newspapers? Get with it.  

* When you go to the grocery store this weekend just remember which soda company sponsored Obama's 2013 inauguration.

* I suggest they name the new school Robin-Watts Elementary in memory of the schools being replaced.

* Our new carpet-bagging attorney general appears to be a real Don Quixote. The windmill he tilts at is the U.S. government. The squire is Steve Roberts of the chamber and his fair Dulcinea is Bill Rainey. Isn't that a pretty picture?

* Don't Obama fanatics understand? Some Republicans are crooked and greedy too, but they say no to Obama for the same reason parents do not hand out credit cards to their children.

* Why don't they just name the new West Side school in Edgewood the "Mary C. Snow" school? You would make a certain group happy since they always get their way anyway.

* Obama has this unhealthy hate for the Republicans. He showed this in his re-election campaign last year. It seems he has a very serious mental problem that dates back to his first days as a politician.

* Kanawha County recently raised appraisal values on several property taxes by 10 percent. In order to appeal this, you have to hire a licensed appraiser and go before the county commission. How many licensed appraisers does Kanawha County hire and did they go to each individual house? Why do you have to appeal to the county commission when they stand to benefit?

* The City of Charleston has tried to get an East End grocery store for 10 years. Their priorities are shown by the fact that they built a ballpark that they continue to pump hundreds of thousands of tax dollars into annually.

* The press and American people want answers, but it isn't always easy to answer. Remember, when the first plane hit the towers, the first reaction was that it was an accident. When the second plane came in to hit the towers, they realized it wasn't an accident and said what's this about? And of course it took a while to sort that out.  

* Bullies cannot stand women standing up for themselves. They don't want women having confidence. They consider women to be inferior beings.


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