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Your vents, Wednesday, Jan. 29

  • To the caller talking about what is on at the movies and they named all the actors who are killing people: If you don't want to watch them, you don't have to go. So keep your mind on your own business and quit messing with everybody else's.

    n The Manchins are living in Washington but they are still in charge of West Virginia.

    n Who in their right mind would be an ambassador representing the United States? They must know they could be murdered due to lack of protection.

    n You tell Manchin if he comes after our guns we will find him another job. Yeah, you tell him in your rag of a paper. You make sure you tell him.

    n Does anyone know what has happened to Doug Harlow the weatherman on Channel 8? I hope he hasn't left. He is a good weatherman.

    n Someone in the Malden area is using a state vehicle for personal use.

    n This is for Ollie Luck. Maybe the WVU staff and recruiters could take lessons from the coaching staff at George Washington High School.

    n Judge Watkins really did some dirty things. Good riddance to him.

    n Four more years of Obama — then we will be rid of him and his screwball vice president.

    n Some of us remember waiting for the school bus with no hat or gloves on bitterly cold mornings. Please consider making it possible for them to have warm hats and gloves and donate to the charity of your choice.

    n Why does it matter how many shootings the police are involved in? They will investigate themselves and they will always be justifiable whether they were or not.

    n Remember, if Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan fix the future elections for U.S. president in favor of Republicans, they will take away democracy for all of us.

    n The article about the used car shortage left out the important reason there is a shortage of used cars. It is because of the "cash for clunkers" program that Obama instituted when he was first elected. Remember that? You traded your car in for a new one and they took the old one and crushed it even though it ran.

    n It sure didn't take Nitro long to start missing Rusty Casto. I believe they miss old Rusty because he really took care of that town and kept things rolling in the right direction.  

    n To whoever runs the Vent Line: I hope you get fired for that last article saying "good riddance to Rockefeller." He did so much for the state. Shame on you.

    n We used to be the United States of America. Now we are the "Divided States of Obama." It is unbelievable.

    n Why is it that when people get into power, they want to exceed the power given to them? Mayor Bloomberg of New York passed laws saying how large a soda pop can be. He barred trans fats from french fries, and he thinks he doesn't need City Council's approval.

    n Why did American Electric Power give $300,000 to W.Va. State University? That money isn't coming from them. It is coming from all of us who can't afford their high bills. And then they want another raise on top of that.

    n This person who called in about the theater in Colorado where that awful shooting took place and saying it should be closed permanently: That's crazy. The theater had nothing to do with that, it was that man.

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