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Your Vents, Friday, Feb. 1

* I have an idea that the days of the West Virginia Attorney General fighting for the average West Virginian are gone. Remember, conservative voters, you brought it on yourselves. Enjoy!

* It should come as no surprise to anybody that Sen. Manchin has his sights on higher ambitions. He is getting a lot of face time on all the networks. He is getting a reputation of being a reformer for the common man. He is injecting himself into almost all controversial subjects to get on TV. He stepped in it when he took on the sacred Second Amendment. Electing Capito will neutralize Manchin's liberal votes. Is a trip to Iowa in Joe's future?

* What has happened to our right to freedom of speech? When Fox doesn't agree with what Obama does, then he turns against them. He is the one who is responsible for his failures.

* I'm glad I don't live in the state of Illinois where they allow illegal aliens to have driver's licenses. Why don't they get rid of the illegal aliens?

* WVU's basketball team just has to fix a few minor problems and they will start winning. They need learn how to dribble, shoot, pass and rebound the ball. Then learn how to play defense. That should fix the minor defects they have.

* It is sad that there is only one member on the Kanawha County Board of Education who understands financial matters, is accountable to the public and has handled many large budgets in his career. Thank you to Pete Thaw.

* To the NRA person who wants all NRA members to tell their wives who to vote for: women earned the right to vote years ago and we don't need an arrogant, gun-toting husband to tell us who to vote for.

* God bless the crossing guard at Bridgeview Elementary for making the scarves for the little children.

* I see where they want a committee on child poverty. Why don't they have a committee on the welfare bums? They get food stamps and that should go to feeding the children. Make the parents get their butts out to work.

* I have just heard that West Virginia is now considered a Red State. Please tell me this isn't true. We have always been known for our big hearts and generous natures. We are true blue.

* Why do the police give you a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt but they don't give out tickets for driving on rainy days without your lights on? This is very dangerous also.

* Republicans can't win an election on their platform so they want to gerrymander districts to change how the Electoral College works. Their new motto is "if you can't beat them, cheat them."

* Do you think the Obama administration had any influence with the governor of Illinois to get driver's licenses for illegal immigrants? A lot of these people can't understand English, or road signs and so on and so forth.

* I see where the power company gave $300,000 to the WVSU. I guess next week they will be hollering for another rate increase.

* The liberals and the 47 percent are destroying this country. Wake up, America. Remember, you reap what you sow.

* The program Tosh should be taken off of the air. It is repulsive and is too way over the edge to be funny.

* I bet if George Bush worried about football injuries the NFL would tell him to mind his own business and run the government that he was elected to run.



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