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Your Vents, Monday, Feb. 4

* Is Obama crazy by sending F16s to Egypt? They could use those jets against us. He has totally lost his mind. We need to stop sending them aid or anything else.

* The governor's office must not read the Vent Line or just doesn't care. Most of the time it is true about how state workers waste money and don't do anything - like at the fire marshal's office. People still do arts and crafts at their desks. They should take home everything not having to do with their jobs.

* We are $16 trillion in debt; the Middle East is crumbling; illegal immigrants wanting rights; the economy and jobs are stalled; and Obama is worried about football injuries? He needs to get off his high horse.

* The new West Side elementary school off Edgewood Drive should be named after Carl "Doc" Young. Young attended J.E. Robins Elementary where he received his nickname of Doc. He coached and taught at Stonewall Jackson High School. He was vice principal and principal at Charleston High School and subsequently an assistant superintendent at the Kanawha County Board of Education.

* The dogcatcher should go out Lower Falls Road in St. Albans and pick up all of the stray dogs roaming around. They have no tags.

* American history recounted without its religious history is like Moby Dick without the whale.

* I wonder if the gambling laws and liquor laws in Kanawha County have something to do with crime on the rise and churches closing. Would you trade your soul for a pint?

* I'm calling about the Roane County lady who is facing 36 counts of animal cruelty. Since when is that a misdemeanor? Shouldn't it be a felony? That is Roane County for you - they don't know how to press their laws.

* We get too-soon old and too-late smart.

* I see where West Virginia's new attorney general is showing his true colors. He is hiring out-of-state people to protect the interests of big business and coal companies. Way to go, "red" state.

* This is Charleston, the capital city of West Virginia. Why from 3 to 6 p.m. on local radio would anyone think we want to listen to sports? In the capital city we want to hear talk about politics.

* Someone called in and said it would be a mistake if Capito took Rockefeller's seat. Doesn't that dummy know anything? They say West Virginia would be in trouble. We've been in trouble now for years.

* Doug Harlow from WCHS television hasn't left. The nice young man covering for him has mentioned several times that Doug has been on vacation for the past few weeks.

* Why would the state hire an architect and engineering firm to fix the problem with the lights with the Veteran's Memorial at the state Capitol complex? They need to hire an electrician to fix it.

* Obama is more cocky, daring, self-serving and peevish in his second term. He still has to be the center of attention no matter what. He wants all of his laws passed, never mind the House.

* Yesterday I called the DNR about illegal dumping of coal mine trash. They have not called me back. I wonder what to do about this in Boone County.

* It is a shame that they went to all the trouble to restore the historic marker at the Lee Street triangle and then installed it crooked.


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