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Your Vents, Tuesday, Feb. 5

* Putnam County has three good things going for them: Mike Smith was a good sheriff. Steven DeWeese has taken office and is a great sheriff. The new magistrate will do a great job. There is also a new lady who will do a much better job than Watkins ever did.

* Obama needs to understand that if you lead from behind, the view never changes. You always look at someone else's behind.

* I hate to hear Rockefeller is stepping down. He helped me when I needed it badly, and I'm so grateful for his help.

* By now even the stupidest of people realize they have lost the war against marijuana. Get smart and legalize it. That would relieve jail overcrowding as well.

* I hope the Tennessee woman who is in politics blows the pants off President Obama in their skeet-shooting challenge.

* Is there a place in Charleston to help the elderly learn to read, write and spell better?

* Please don't send anyone money, or give banking information or your Social Security number to anyone over the phone.

* Parents are the first educators of children. Several years go by before a child sees their first paid teacher. Some children are born into sub-standard families that have very poor role models. Teachers can't be blamed for everything.

* Whatever became of the shotgun John Kerry was given by the UMWA? Does Kerry have it? Did it ever leave West Virginia? What are the details?

* "Obamazombies" are trying to blame Bush-era Republicans for Benghazi. Don't they realize Obama has been in office for four years now and had plenty of time to make changes in security details? Obama and Hillary dropped the ball, and, yes, it matters to most Americans.

* The list of liberal rich entertainers moving out of the country is growing. Yep. They supported Mr. Obama and his policies, but they don't want his socialist hacks touching their money.

* After reading most of the readers' comments in the paper, I give thanks every day that I'm smarter than that. Of course, I'm a liberal.

* Joe Manchin is really a Republican in a Democrat's clothes.

* I'm a little surprised that there is no redistricting for John Adams Middle School. The board always does exactly what the parents in that district want.

* People are out of electric again. Why do they keep getting raises? It is pitiful.

* There is a tree on Costello Street in Charleston across from power pole #165C-350. Would Appalachian Power please cut it before it cuts off our electric?

* It is a shame they had to put Arch Moore's bust beside of Shoney's Big Boy. Shoney's Big Boy stood for something good and Arch Moore was a felon. They should put them in different rooms.

* To all dads: Please let your children know you love them and care about them.

* The Buckwild television show is so lame. If these kids had gone to South Charleston High School in 1975 these kids would have been the nerds and been picked on. This show is a joke.

* If you get on the elevators at the Town Center Mall on the first floor, you see a picture of our Capitol building with peeling paint. Replace it with a current picture of our beautiful Capitol building.


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