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Your Vents, Thursday, Feb. 7

* Little children - red, yellow, black or white - are all God's little angels and they will make you smile when no one else can. We all need to do more to protect them from abuse. Please report abuse of any kind. They are defenseless.

* I used to be confused, but I think I have this straight now. Randy Moss went to the Rand University's College of Mediocre Football. Where is this school?

* Jorea Marple gets a pension of $8,900 a month, and I get $4,000 per year. Enough said.

* The sheriff is elected to enforce the law of the land. If that sheriff decides he or she is going to interpret the laws to his own satisfaction, I cannot vote for such a person. In the future, sheriffs had better be careful what they say about what they are going to do.

* I'm with the lady about AEP donating money to WVSU. Use your money to cut down trees and to lower our power rates. The research has already been done. Cut trees and lower rates, please.

* You gun control people are so naive. You think the government will protect you from everything. Well, they can't and they won't. Tyrants like the one in the White House will take everything else you have when it is all said and done.

* I'm waiting in line to pick up my child at Ruthlawn Elementary School. I watched four cars pass a line of traffic on the wrong side of the road on a double line. Where are the police?

* To the person calling in about gun nuts: Your comment reflects the misinformed reporting as news by Piers Morgan and others. The crowd didn't heckle the man whose child was killed. This man asked the crowd a question.

* Why do cars line up and block traffic in a street to pick up their children at local schools? Can't the children take a school bus? Or if the school is close to their home, can't they walk their children home? This is a public safety hazard. What about an emergency nearby and someone needs an ambulance?

* Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor sang their songs in the cold and made no excuses. Beyonce always wants free publicity.

* I was just reading the editorial page where public funds are paying for people campaigning for public office. If they run, that is their business. That isn't something I want to pay for. You people should get a grip and quit trying to find ways to spend every penny we send down there.

* I think the new West Side elementary school off Edgewood Drive should be named after Martin Luther King Jr. It should be named that for better education and quality for all students and equality for all students.

* I thought it was interesting where the veteran's memorial had debris all around it and someone said they hadn't been able to clean it up recently due to the bad weather. I think the state people could have done this. It depends on what you want to do.

* Where are all the rafters and river rats running now that the river is up?

* What is the president thinking by reducing the military in times like these? God help America.

* This is for the greatest receiver ever from Rand University: It don't mean a thing if you ain't got the ring.

* Where have you been to just now find out West Virginia is a red state? Thank God for our northern counties.


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