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Your vents, Tuesday, Feb. 12

  • Concerning the person's fantasy of only having an assault rifle with a 10-round clip when a burglar breaks into his house and has an assault rifle with a 30-round clip, it wouldn't be advisable to grab an assault rifle for a house invasion. It's too bulky. That is a job for a pistol. I seriously doubt a burglar would carry around an assault rifle with a 30-round clip when a pistol would be easier to conceal. And if you couldn't hit him with 10 rounds, I seriously doubt you could hit him with 30.

  • Fighting over assault gun laws is an invitation for criminals to go to the gun store and look for a big sale. If they are not required to fill out forms for a gun, they will surely visit you. I do not look forward to looking down the barrel of an AR-15 with or without a gun.
  • Yesterday, I signed papers for a mortgage loan at a local bank where I have done business for years. The first requirement is I.D. This doesn't make sense when the most important thing we do is vote, and I.D. is not required. Obama made sure that wasn't required to make sure he was voted into office another time. It makes one wonder, doesn't It? I.D. should be the first requirement when you walk in to vote.
  • I wonder why the president needs the Oval Office for business purposes when he's never there. He has always taken his business out of town to Las Vegas or some big city where it costs twice as much money, flying every place to show his authority.  
  • I think someone has forgotten that southern West Virginia counties have had deceased people voting Democrat for eons. I think most anyone would call this cheating. How dare you call the Republicans cheaters. Democrats have cheating down to a science. How else would they have remained in power all these years?
  • I am so very proud of Hillary Clinton for standing her ground against the vicious and ridiculous attacks by the Republicans. She was well prepared, and when they tried to attack her, she very effectively counterattacked and soundly defeated them.
  • For all you people out there who say the word "stupidest," there is no such word. You should be saying the "most stupid."
  • If the head of the NRA had a mental health check, his guns would definitely be taken away from him because he is insane.
  • Does the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department ever solve any crimes?
  • Why don't they get someone who can sing the national anthem who doesn't scream and holler? You can't understand a thing they are singing.
  • What did Randy Moss do when he took Kaepernick under his wing, teach him how to be a punk or only play when he wants to play?
  • I can't believe all of these young people who go into restrooms that are for handicapped people. One of these days, their time will come and they will understand.
  • It is sad to read about so many gun deaths. Some are accidents, some are just having a desire to kill and some are just suicides. But let's not forget that 1,000 unborn babies are murdered every day, and our president and our own Manchin approve of it.
  • Can you believe the idiots who listen to Glenn Beck believe that the picture of Obama shooting a gun was fake? These people must have a low IQ.

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