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Your vents, Thursday, Feb. 14

  • What a hypocrite of a president we have. He objected to water boarding a few high-level enemies to get information, but now he is OK with singling out Americans overseas to kill them with a drone without a trial. He is now a dictator playing God and should be impeached.

  • Why did Mark Plants fire this woman? He stained her reputation and good service to the people of West Virginia. Why didn't he just ask for her resignation?
  • I hope Jeb Bush doesn't run for president. Another thing America sure doesn't need is another Bush in the White House. They were disastrous. That is a fact.
  • To the lady picking up kids at Ruthlawn Elementary: Where do you expect people to go when you sit in the middle of the road and block traffic for hours every day? Other people have to go and get on the other side of the road to get around the people sitting there in the middle of the street.
  • May you always have love to share, health to spare and friends who care.
  • "Buckwild" should be called "West Virginia Wild." One scene was shot in Poca. This show is absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for the kids they are showing on television.
  • People are the source of stress.  
  • I guess I have been proven to be right. Some of these girls cannot sing with clothes on. Beyonce couldn't sing at all at the inauguration and she had clothes on. At the Super Bowl, she didn't and sang great.
  • To the person who called to say it don't mean a thing if you ain't got the ring: Well at least Randy Moss uses correct English and he does give back to the community.
  • I'm sure Sissonville's property values have gone down since "Buckwild" hit the screen.
  • L. A. cop shoots people in L.A. I guess Obama will take the guns away from police now.
  • For all the people who cannot afford a Post Ofice box and have to wait for our mail at home, it is called discrimination and it is not right.
  • Edgewood Elementary for a name says it all. Come on, school board, and make it easy.
  • Believe it or not but most of us are strictly not interested in what other people do in the bedroom.
  • Some people think "Buckwild" is stupid, but if they could get those kids doing something like whitewater rafting, ziplining and jumping off rocks at Summersville Lake, it could be very positive. Come on, get those MTV cameras out there.
  • Isn't it strange that it has taken more than eight years for the city of Chesapeake to realize they were supposed to be collecting taxes from the volunteer fire department for the communication services? Maybe you should investigate the mayor and city clerk to see why someone is not doing their job.
  •   I do not think the citizens and municipal employees in a small town should use the town's equipment for their personal use.
  • If they legalize marijuana, they should legalize moonshine.
  • The picture of Obama skeet shooting is a photo "op." He doesn't know squat about skeet shooting. I, and others in my family, have done it before and that is just not the way you do it. He is making a fool of himself.
  • I just read Nancy Bradley's letter and it is beautiful. She writes lovely letters. I look forward to letters from her and Carlton Raines. Keep them coming.


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