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Your vents, Friday, Feb. 15

  • Another plea-happy deal for a plea-happy prosecutor. This time a woman killed her husband while he was lying in a hospital bed. I'm surprised he didn't call it self-defense. This guy will do anything for a plea bargain. What kind of justice is that?

  • I'd like to thank AEP for the recent contribution to W.Va. State University as a way of giving back to our young people. AEP is to be congratulated and the alumni wish to thank them wholeheartedly and pray they will continue to support W.Va. State.
  • The Board of Education has a $2.5 million deficit in the next school year. Wouldn't it make more sense to turn Laidley Field over to the University of Charleston? It has their name all over it anyway.
  • Where can I get the coal-to-fuel stick-on metal letters to put on the back of my car? I'd like to support the coal miners.
  • Eat your heart out, Joe Manchin. I am in my 60s, and I am looking forward to watching part two of "Buckwild." I love that show.
  • During the hearings with Leon Panetta a few days ago, Panetta was asked by Sen. Graham of South Carolina how many times he had talked to the president. He said twice. Obama was AWOL - getting his beauty sleep for his trip to Vegas.
  • Obama should be considered for impeachment because of his stance on using drones to kill Americans, both here and abroad, involved in al-Qaida or any other terrorist group. And he said Bush was illegally using waterboarding to interview terrorists.
  • Well, we made it through a season of "Buckwild" and West Virginia is still here. It's just a series about some nerdish kids doing some crazy things. I don't see what the big deal is. I thought it was all right. I watched every one of them.
  • Since the first day of his presidency, Obama has acted like he is in a humongous room looking for the light of leadership and he still hasn't found it. If the first four years are any indication, he won't find it during his second term either.
  • America will finally be free in 2016 when Obama leaves office. The next president can dig in and undo all the harm Obama has caused us. America will once again thrive and be the No. 1 power.
  • If Obama is such a tyrant, does that make George Bush the Wizard of Oz? Just because you can't pick decent leaders doesn't mean the rest of us can't do better.
  • Dr. Ben Carson supposes that when the people are ignorant, the media can tell them just about anything and they will believe it. I think that is where we are in America.
  • Someone mentioned that overpopulation was a problem. Yes, it is. The welfare pays for women to have baby after baby after baby. It gives them WIC and every other benefit. I disagree with that.
  • My husband and I pay a fortune for our insurance and supplemental insurance. Obamacare is a joke. We are paying for half of the deadbeats' medicine now. Something must be done. People are not going to work if you are going to hand them everything.
  • I now see what Obama meant when he told the Russian prime minister he would have more flexibility after re-election. He wants to cut our nuclear warheads and not target so many Russian or Chinese sites. He is trying to make the U.S. weak. That is why he is running up such a large debt.

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