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Your vents, Monday, Feb. 18

  • I received my property tax increase notification. I did an Internet search of property sold in my neighborhood. It had all sold for less than the appraised value. I sent that information to the assessor's office asking that my appraisal be reconsidered. My request was denied. Even though I heard on the news this week that property values were down 6 percent this year, the denial did not surprise me.

  • Something needs to be done at the ramp getting onto the interstate in St. Albans, heading toward Charleston. Due to the Nitro/St. Albans bridge being closed, many of us must travel the interstate. While the bridge is being replaced, they need to direct the interstate traffic half a mile away to one lane so we can get on the Interstate in enough time without going into the bridge or stopping to wait for traffic. It is a terrible feeling sitting there knowing an 18-wheeler might hit you.
  • For those of you either wanting or worrying about congressional action concerning gun control, you have nothing to be concerned about. Congress will take no action, as their only concern is being re-elected, not what is good or bad for the American people.
  • This is a response to a recent Vent Line question asking if there is a place in Charleston where the elderly are provided training to read, write and spell better. The Literacy Volunteers of Kanawha County is such a place. A nonprofit organization, we help youth and adults of all levels and ages learn to read, write or improve their skills for free. We also provide people skills to learn English as a second language. Our telephone number is 304-343-7323 and our website is at www.literacy

  • It's idiotic to hope that a woman from Tennessee can shoot a shotgun better than President Obama. What would that prove and why is it important?
  • How nice it is Obama gets to take Air Force One to Minneapolis to make a 25-minute speech and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars for one speech. Why can't he govern from the White House like most presidents have done? He just returned from Las Vegas from another speech and cost us millions.
  • It takes someone really intelligent to reduce spending and pay off the debt. Hope we can find enough Republican or Independent votes next time to turn this situation around, that is if we can survive four more years.
  • Totally agree with the person who said the new West Side school should be named for Carl Young. Not only did he attend J.E. Robins, but he was a teacher at both Charleston High School and Stonewall Jackson High School, a coach at both and a former assistant superintendent of Kanawha County Schools. He was born on the West Side and lived there all of his life.
  • Beyonce's routine was little more than 15 minutes of high-energy nothingness.
  • To respond to the vent about dads and their love toward their children: There are two small children that live in Nitro that have been kept out of their father's life for 18 months because of the stupidity in Charleston's family court.
  • With property assessments increasing by more than 10 percent throughout the county, it is unbelievable that the school board is even thinking about also raising the levy rates. They need to balance their budget with efficient management rather than on the back of taxpayers.
  • The person who said Obama is the seed of Satan and he won't give up his automatic weapons just confirms what rational people are up against. In other words, he's completely nuts, a real fruit cake.


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