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Your vents, Wednesday, Feb. 20

  • The liberal newscasters like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC are a bunch of jerks when they have nothing more to do on their show but criticize Sen. Rubio for drinking water during his speech. Would they criticize Obama or Hillary Clinton for doing the same during their speeches?

  • The Republicans have gone from water boarding to water bottling - just gargle, gag and spit it out.
  • Why do we have to see and hear NFL on ESPN from Super Bowl until August? There are other sports.
  • To American gun owners, Sandy Hook Elementary was a tragedy. To the anti-gun liberal, it was just the opportunity they have been waiting for.
  • We are shocked by the behavior of our Republican brothers in Congress. Their behavior is worse than juvenile. It is a disgrace to our country. They are sick.
  • If it were not safe for the kids to go to school due to the Rand shooting, why was it OK for the teachers and personnel to report to these same schools? Is their safety not important as well?
  • What a shock. Marshall beats Rice by one point at home but shoots 20 more foul shots.
  • Are the 196,000 veterans living on the streets and under the bridges in the United States a horror? What about 25 million children waking and asking Mommy where they can eat? Are the people on the cruise ship feeling the horror our veterans feel? Would they change places with them?
  • We need a Waffle House in the Nitro and St. Albans area.
  • What has happened with the Weather Channel? After 7 p.m., you can forget about national and local weather. They have all of these other programs about space weather and gathering icebergs, etc. Who cares?
  • To the person who said you and your family shoot skeet all the time and Obama is doing it wrong and looks stupid: Maybe you are the ones doing it wrong. Maybe you are a know-it-all but really know nothing.
  • Where are the politicians getting the idea to raise gas taxes for road repair? Are they out of their mind, insane, or what?
  • To the person who bragged that they were in their 60s and loved the show "Buckwild": Why don't you just stamp "idiot" on your forehead and be done with it?
  • Do the people in state government not realize we already have a percentage-based gasoline tax?
  • The Daily Mail has really disappointed me, and others. Mike Winland can take whatever kind of photos he wants, but for these types of pictures to be published in a family newspaper was extremely inappropriate and unprofessional. Many kids read this paper for school projects.
  • I agree that overpopulation is a problem. The women on welfare should have only two children and have a mandatory operation to tie their tubes after the two children. This would save the people of the United States a lot of money.

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