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Your vents, Thursday, Feb. 21

  • Why does Obama think the American taxpayer is the government's personal bank and that he can take our money and bail out whoever he wants?

  • I'd like to say thank you to Jennifer Meadows of the prosecuting attorney's office for doing a great job on the Ryan Montgomery case last month. Keep up the good work.
  • I thought the state had to receive three bids before making purchases. Why and how were such expensive routers purchased? Where were the supervisors? There should be repercussions.
  • Who could I call to get the value of old coins?
  • I agree with the venter about the dirty fingernail from St. Marys. That needs to be taken off. It is sickening.
  • Obama and Pelosi don't believe there is a spending problem. They keep forgetting about Obamacare. They forget about the health care bill that was passed without even reading the entire bill. And there is also the stimulus money Obama blew.
  • As long as the oil companies are allowed to rape the American people, the economy will never grow.
  • I think the lightning strike that hit the Vatican capital dome on the very day that the pope announced his retirement is a sign from God that this world is entering a new era of troubled times. Maybe it is a sign of the coming of the prophesied beast and anti-Christ. The beast is prophesied to be the holy person that gives power to the anti-Christ. Maybe the new pope will be the new beast. Time will tell.
  • Why does a person's credit rating affect his or her auto insurance rates? The reports are not always accurate.
  • I am tired of people bashing Randy Moss. He is probably one of the best of them who play. Look around the league and see what other people are doing. He has done nothing but play football. He put this place on the map.
  • When Joe Manchin went to Washington, D.C., he left behind about half a dozen of his incompetent buddies. When is Earl Ray going to clean house?
  • If gun owners are to have a photo ID to exercise their Second Amendment rights, would it not be logical that a reporter have a photo ID when they have a pencil in order to exercise their First Amendment rights?
  • Thanks to Eddie Grose for the wonderful job he did cutting the brush on Doctor's Creek Road.
  • During the Annual Prayer Breakfast last Thursday, Dr. Ben Carson was talking about what is wrong with America, and Obama looked like he was getting angry. Obama thinks he is a genius and doesn't want to be told anything. We need more people like Dr. Carson to speak up.
  • Stop the excessive out-of-control overtime at the water company. Keep our water bills from increasing.
  • Leave it to the good folks at Volkswagen to make a racist Super Bowl commercial for the Beetle.
  • Don't plan on retiring in Putnam County. The Putnam County Commission will raise your fire fee and your property taxes. Who is responsible for the fire fee money?
  • I enjoyed the article on the women in the lingerie photos. In fact, I think you should do something like that every week. Or at least run pictures every week.
  • The Daily Mail is really getting hard up when they have a page of nudity in the Life Section, like on Feb. 13. Send it back to the bedroom where it belongs. Little children are looking at that and getting bad ideas.


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