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Your vents, Friday, Feb. 22, 2013

  • As a former schoolteacher, I can tell you that marijuana is not a harmless drug.
  • When someone comes to your office to deliver your lunch, they also have other deliveries to make. They don't always have 10 to 15 minutes to stand around waiting for payment. I realize you are too lazy to make your own lunch. At least have consideration for others who are working.
  • How many years is it going to take Cross Lanes Elementary to put a light bulb in the school-zone sign? It was out all last year, too.
  • Obama wants to ruin America because of his father's difficulty in life. He wants to bring America down off the world stage. He wants her to lose her military, and he wants to ruin her and her people. It all has to do with his father and no one else.
  • How stupid can Charleston's City Council be to want to spend almost $2 million for a one-mile bike path and alter the Boulevard? That has got to be the most stupid thing they've ever done. Please call your council member and tell them how stupid this is.
  • I think John McCain needs to get out of the picture and stop being up there flapping his gums. He is just a sore loser and needs to keep his mouth shut, along with a lot of the other Republicans.
  • It goes to show you that Tomblin doesn't know anything about a union. Even if you have a genius in line for a job, you have to hire the person with the most seniority first.
  • Mark Plants is no prosecutor. He is just a "yes man" for the judges and Tomblin. The jails are full.
  • Let us see what our new great attorney general would do about spending millions too much for routers.
  • If Sens. Manchin and Rockefeller think the West Virginia people want them to vote "yes" on sending billions of dollars in F-16s and aid to Egypt, a terrorist nation, they are wrong. I've emailed to vote "no" on that, but they voted "yes" on it anyway.
  • Every time Juan Williams goes on a news show, he always lies about what President Obama has said or done. This president is a complete failure and a do-nothing.
  • Jesus condemned the rules that religious people put on others. Don't be a Pharisee or a Sadducee. Read Corinthians I:13, and learn to be a Christian.
  • If Sheriff DeWeese of Putnam County can pick and choose the laws he intends to enforce, can the citizens do that as in obeying an officer's orders?
  • I can't believe that Jeff Kessler or Bob Beach would even dream of putting another tax on fuel. We don't get the perks they do on gas, food and lodging. That is absolutely absurd.
  • I think everyone should think of this as a solution to gun control issues: Everyone should be allowed to have a gun but only be allowed to have them on their property for protection. There should be explicit jail time if found with a gun in public.
  • The Kanawha County Assessor's Office is ripping people off. Last year, they assessed my house on the West Side at $50,000, and this year, they say it is worth $53,000. BB&T gave us an appraisal of $33,000 on it to borrow money. This is a violation of state law.
  • Obama is in Florida on another campaign swing. America is supposedly broke. Stop him from spending money on such crap.
  • The facts are clear: Quality preschool programs help children in school with valuable academic experience and social interaction as well.  Duh.
  • I've cried oceans of tears since Obama took office because he is taking our beautiful free country and turning it into welfare deadbeats, gay and lesbian marriages, and illegal immigrants who will become citizens.
  • Why are people who have had seizures restricted from driving?
  • In response to a recent vent about the plea-happy prosecutor: Perhaps justice for this lady should have been her husband tried for decades of abuse. After 40 years of his abuse, that should have been her punishment. She should receive no more time.
  • You have my vote on legalizing medical marijuana. It is very much needed. It will combat the prescription pain pill epidemic we are facing that is destroying families both young and old alike. 
  • Concerning if you want to go to heaven: Just listen to Bill O'Reilly: He thinks only Republicans will go to heaven, so I don't think watching him will help you get there. If you think he is fair and balanced, you must be unbalanced in the head.
  • Earl Ray Tomblin should leave the food tax to help pave the roads instead of starting a new tax. We are used to the food tax.
  • Why doesn't Charleston take the $2.5 million and put it into the renovations of the Civic Center instead of a bike path that no one wants on the Boulevard? They are idiots.
  • In God's eyes, we are all created equal.
  • Children in the first three grades of school should have as much fun as possible. My nephew missed one day of school and had to make up 12 work sheets. He always has more than one hour of homework, and it makes him hate school.
  • Deborah Linz is now working in Ohio.
  • President Obama thinks if you raise the minimum wage, it will get the Congress and senators a raise.
  • Fraud and abuse are rampant in the welfare system. Rather than punish them, Congress wants to punish the law-abiding citizens who need help.
  • You should not tax the people for the damage trucks and heavy equipment do to the road. Tax the ones who are tearing the roads up.
  • I thought there was a law against loud commercials on television. Do they think screaming will get you to buy something? Thanks for the mute button.
  • A liberal with an agenda is more dangerous than all the crazies with automatic weapons.
  • Democrats are right; we should equalize magistrates' pay. All of them should make $51,125 a year
  • Get rid of the prevailing-wage union workers to fix the roads and we will be able to pay for road repair without raising the gasoline tax.


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